9N3 GTI Polo 300bhp build


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Hello everyone welcome to my thread.
Before i start their is lots of info missing that i cant remember the dates of when thing happened so im just gonna idiot prof it for myself and their is much more to come over the next few days..

So in 2015 i got my little polo 9n3 gti. My brother owned the car before me as he got it for a daily while he was building his year 2000 rover mini cooper. After being around this little car for such a long time i fell in love with it and from that point my fascination with the 1.8 20vt evolved.
So long story short he was selling the car after only having it for a year were he did the normal tasteful stuff such ass the vr6 clutch and g60 flywheel, with the addition of a new box after discovering it didn't hold up to well with a well tuned revo stage one map doing burnouts.
i eventually got the car for my 19th birthday waking up to the car sitting in the back street with my older brother screwing the reg on from my 1.4 mk4 golf reg on WIB8885.
I drove the car for a few weeks making dirty turbo noises as a young teen does when he gets his first turbo car and quickly got bored with the look of it.

After scouring the internet for weeks i found a set of OZ ultralegga alloys which at the time i thought they were perfect 17'' 5x100 et 30 so they fit with ease with no issus an nice set of 15mm spacers on the rear and 20mm on the front. they filled the arches just perfectly and wound down the kw coilovers witch give me that (stancey look) which is what i was looking for at the time which i thought was cool.
jack polo oz alloys .jpg

So after thrashing the car around my local town making quite a few friends at the time from wanting to race everything i put an application in for my new job which resulted im me moving to england until the present day so this past few years its just been sitting in my back street, only getting a good drive every two - three months when i was home putting a few hundred mile on the clock at each time so it was only enough really to charge the battery an to stop the little thing ending up on the facebook page rotting on a driveway.

so this bring me up to the the 3 boring years of me owing it. flying to and from england going to work and coming home to rack the miles up on the car to go and catch up with friends and family and to go to the odd show when i could if i was back on the rite dates.
so this bring us up until the end of 2018 when i was in kenya (africa).
Whilst in kenya i tour ligaments in my left leg whilst out doing some adventuring with work and was basically rendered useless on a pair of crutches, witch left me a lot of time to sit and think about all the little things in my life because i was feeling sorry for myself and started on rms reading up on the 9n3 threads and a fe that were local to my home town.
This started everything and the first thing i went and bought was an airtech twin pass fmic mainly because i didn't have the sense at that stage to get a welly cooler and build my own to which i have the know how now. it cam in the post whilst i was away and got my father to take the car to a family friend to get it installed along with a creation motorsport tip and getting the necessary deletes done such as the n249, n80 tank and SAI
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Welcome to the forum mate. Hope legs healed up and tell your bro to get that mini finished!!

300bhp must make that little thing rapido!!


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Welcome to the forum mate. Hope legs healed up and tell your bro to get that mini finished!!

300bhp must make that little thing rapido!!
Yah mate i will do, I tell him the same thing every time were in the garage together and 200bhp was scary at times so this will be fun.
Thanks for reading..


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so after getting my airtech fmic mounted and installed i wanted to see what it would be like on the road and on the strip to see if i was suffering from heat soak in the top end of the gear ratios, so i booked the car in at a drag event in enNiskillen at st anglios airport.
as it being one of my second time on the strip with the car i wanted to beat my time i previously could only achieve low 16s, which i though was pretty poor with my brother previously taking the car down the strip and getting 15.36.

I was quite disheartened and wanted to beat him and try to rub it in his face so i was giving it my all as per normal my wanting to be the best at everything side was stating to show.

I started out with the prep work. looked into to the benefits of tire pressures and temperatures taking into consideration if the new front mount would hold up to the abuse that i was planning to throw at it.
the second thing I did was book it into a slot in my very-own household garage as it was a constant battle to try and work on the car when my brother had the mini in their as he was always worried aboUt the car getting damaged, which was understandable. The car was striped out to try and make it as light as i possibly could ended up shredding off arouNd 80-90kg with the rear bench and all the crap out of the boot including the back seats which i never had a use for,
I was set for the next day on the track .......
waiting on the strip .jpg
drag stip bettle .jpg

After having several attempts on the strip i started to get my times down flat shifting, holding it in gear, flat shifting and not selecting 5 as it was only a 1/4 mile
safe to say i was happy with the result in my time and wAs quite surprised at my actually time which ended up being 15.05 crossing the line at a slow 92 mph with a 60 foot time of 2.310.
so long story short it was my bragging rites even tho i had just missed out on the 14s, i was still happy with the results and it was time to rub it in my brothers face as quoted ('I got a quicker time than you haaaaaaa' your sxxt !!!!)
drag time .jpg

so once again thanks for reading.
more to follow !!


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Love it! Do you not find it a complete melt at that ride height on the standard wheels?


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Always loved this wee polo from when Jayme had it. Some good progress so far, keep at it ๐Ÿ‘Œ
yah it was nice when jayme had it noel. Paint was good but its kinda gone down hill from their as i was dailying it from day 1 once i got it. Kind of a never ending battle trying to get it back to that quality so iv decided to go balls to the wall at the same time while i was at it
thanks for reading Noel


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Love it! Do you not find it a complete melt at that ride height on the standard wheels?
The monzas arent that bad it can be pretty solid at times due to the kw's being nearly 5 years old but apart from that it drives well, sticks to the corners with the proper rubber fitted but apart from that i pretty happy with it for now will prob change to bc v2 as the time goes on but dont really have the money for it at the moment
Thanks for reading Simon


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So after taking the car to the drag strip everything kinda got put on hold for a bit as i was unsure on what to do next and what rote to go down scene our complete track slag. As i spoke to more and more people on the fb group 9n3GTI owners it became pretty clear from the get go that their was no civilised way of doing things to it to achieve the power because if you did a stage 2 map you had to get a miltek back and if i was doing that i might aswell of done the turbo for more gains and so on

You get the point im trying to get to ?

so what eventually ended up happing is i put quite a few hundred (''thousand'') aside and said to myself if im going to do this i might aswell do it properly and its kinda just spun out of control from that lol

so her is a small list of the current stock pile of parts that i have been gradually building up of this past years pay check............

g60 billet flywheel
vr6 clutch
bbt k300 hybrid turbo
ported exhaust manifold from badger 5
oversized tip badger 5
pro race engineering rods
full no res miltek
3' down
dw65 fuel pump
550 cc injectors
battery relocation tray for the boot
acl race bearings
tfsi coil pack with spacers
kw coil-overs
forge dv
arp rod bolts
oil catch can unbranded for now
momo team 280mm wheel and boss
forge n80 tank delete plug airtech fmic
integrated engineering intake manifold with trans gaskets
integrated engineering billet fuel rail
cooler works short shifter

with a lot more bits that im not even gonna waste the time listing such as aluminum coolant flanges

race bearings .jpg
b5 oversized tip .jpg
catch can .jpg
fuel rail .jpg
bits .jpg
ie mani .jpg


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slightly out of order but augh well what can you do

so after trolling the internet for night and day for about a month for an ex manifold i got fed up after i kinda got done in and payed 80 quid for one that i was told had no cracks so i could get it ported by badger 5.

upon receiving the manifold i found it was cracked on the turbo side which made it useless so its currently still on the bench catching dust. so i carried on my search to no luck.

when speaking to my best mate who had recently bough a mk4 1.8t, i was doing what i always do best, complaining and managed to drop the fact that i wasnt having much luck sourcing a standard manifold as i wasnt willing to pay the guts of a few hundred for a brand new one from tps when the were still open for selling to the public.
and out the the blue he said he had one at home which came of his own car uncracked and replaced with a chinafold.......

I nearly slapped him after me going through countless atempts of trying to get an oem replacement that wasnt cracked, but thankfully he give it to me free of charge which i couldn't thank him enough for
pics of ported mani to follow


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so up until now this is basically everything up to date with the stock pilling and getting things sorted and now to the main event of all the assembly.

so a few months ago due to my work commitment i dont really have the time to do all my work on my car myself unfortunately, so i started to find a well sought after workshop to carry out the work while i was away and came across Mckowen Motors local to myself who tends to do alot of business building people's cars such as the same predicament that i am in.
so i contacted matthew and told him my plans of the build and explained my circumstances and he completely understood and much to my delite he took me on, but unlike the majority of the people he deals with i was on a budget and knew my way in and around a toolbox so he was more than happy to have me up in the shop to help and do work to knock money off the bill and to provide a usefull second pair of hands when he needed it.

i was about to set of from england and my phone pinged with a message from matthew with the car set up and the engine pulled out saying

''were good to go......''


so it came to last weekend sat the 9th august and i had just been driving all night with one of my work friends from london to liverpool , from their got the boat from liverpool to dublin and then from dublin u to were i am now in omagh, bearing in mind we had been on the road from 1800 the previous night.
anyway eventually got home dropped my bags and headed straight to matthews were he had the engine on a stand ready for me to go.
this include me stripping all the auxiliaries of the block wash and degrease it and start prepping it for paint.


When i got everything striped off it was time to plug all the hole and take it for a good shower,
probably a better one than what i had had in the past 24hrs.......


wash 2 .jpg

after the wash it was clear to be seen that i was long over due as the amount of dirt that had come off the block was next level.
dried it of with a few raps and blew i down with the air hose to dry it off as much as i could, so i would be able to get at it with the drill and the wire brush.

got it all washed, preped and wiped with panal wipe just to make sure their was nothing left behind and started to mask off as much as i could to an extent to start and spray.


rocker .jpg
block prime.jpg

top coat wrinkle black

rocker wet .jpg
rocker dry .jpg
block wet .jpg

I wasn't bothered about any of the stuff left on the block as it was all to be replaced with better quality and new parts so it saved a lot of masking in the long run..

so apart from that it was a pretty busy day and from then on in it was basically watching paint dry (literally)
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After having a very chilled week off and not doing much i set out again on the Saturday morning the 16th and made my way back to mckowens to start back on the previous weeks work.

once i got their i pulled the head of the block and flipped the engine and started to pull out the old rods.
when i had them pulled out i noticed that their was little to no ware on the inside of the cylinder wall were i was quite surprised and pretty much the same thing on the bottom end when checking the rod bearings.

so anyway pulled them out and set everything nice and neat on the bench in order and started to put it al back together with the new rods


rods 2 .jpg

rods 3 .jpg

so after partly reassembling the bottom end we started to refit the new rods and check for the clearances which for some reason were off on our gauge card with the plastiguage (and before you say it yes i know the photo bellow has the gauge on the wrong way but its the only one i took) and tried this twice with the sam reading of over 0.175mm were were scratching are head at this point unsure if this was the correct clearance our not so we pulled out the micrometer and did a bit of maths which in the end up turned out to be totally fine with the recommended torque specs from ARP, so through the rods back in the block and started to toque everything up.

bottom end .jpg


unfortunately it wasn't a very productive day as matthew got call out to a roadside recovery and i wasn't really gonna trust myself to do much else so i started to clean and in genral start to get things ready for the assembly again.

after standing with my todger in my hand for about an hour i put down the fags and the phone and started on the old intake and fuel rail, so tore it apart and got the things of it i needed

this wasnt really documented because i kinda got sucked into it

old not cleaned
throttel old .jpg

pulled off the old throttle body give it a clean and prepped it for a nice coat of fresh paint just to keep everything nice and clean

at the same time i assembled all the injectors with seals put them in the fuel rail and got them fitted to the intake

body painted in crinkle black again.

all assembled waiting for instal

intake new .jpg

after sorting out the intake manifold i couldn't really do much so i put the o2j box in the boot to take home clean and paint.

after the Saturday i dint really have much to do on the sunday so i started to get the box prepped.

so i set the gearbox around the corner and soaked it in have a bottle of auto finess iron out as i didn't have and degreaser at home and it turned black straight off so took into it with a nail brush and soap

cleaned dried sanded and ready for paint

box before .jpg

painted the bell housing cover to make it fresh

and then painted the gearbox itself with you guessed it crinkle black :joy:

box painted .jpg

once again thank you for reading this small update and more to follow

AND just one thing before i go...............
I luckily won 4k in the middle of the week on the 19th aug the day before my 23rd birthday so i have quite a few goodies ordered and on the way :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

ill let you try and guess what they are before they come !!!!!


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work to the engine as kind of came to a standstill with me waiting on parts and chasing tps for genuine parts but its worth the wait so between twiddling my thumbs me and callum decided we would tackel a job on his mk4 golf gti 1.8 20vt and i wish we never started it ๐Ÿ˜…

callum car .jpg

so slight side track but anyway

what needed done was injector seals coolant flanges thermostat temp sensor manifold (painted) car cleaned and replace a few old pesky perished lines and the big one the heater matrix which i wanted nothing to do with so i was the dirty hands and he had the clean hands i could settle with that.

so im not gonna much on this because its not my car but i will leave a link to callums build thread so you can go check it out





69337556_2507327459325946_482659177659891712_n (1).jpg


so that the pics what i had eventully got the heater matrix out and changed, injector seals , cleaning and all that jazz

some parts have arrived for my own car from last week and their is more still to come so i will update in due time

thanks for reading


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So after leaving to go back to work things have kinda stoped on everything as im not at home to chase everyone with work but as it stand the engine is ready to go back in just one problem.
The wavetrac diff that i ordered 3 weeks ago still hasnt even been made due to wavetrac not haveing the parts on their shelfs to make the damm thing so onwards goes the struggle of trying to build cars ๐Ÿ˜‚.

Alot of my parts that i ordered with my lucky 4k have arrived.

Pics bellow

Cup bumpers front and rear


All genuine parts from tps directly fro from Wolfsburg

Vibertechnics engine mounts and gearbox powerflex bushings

Srs tech +25mm extra wide fiberglass wings

So as it stands this is the current parts bin i will apologise in advance as the next update should be mid october pending on when i next get home.

So by that stage ill have to break in the engine just to be extra safe take it to the tunners and then off for paint. !!!!!

Thanks for reading โœŒ


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So after spending a month chasing my wavetac diff woth numerious phone calls and stress venting emails to regal autosport my differential finaly came on Thursday the 3rd oct 2019
So her is a little update before the big one on the 20th




So now that the diff has eventually came its time to get it off to mckowens to get the box built and resembled along with the rest of the engine.

The date has been set for the 18th to have it running and for me to do the dreded 500 mile bed inn.

From that i have also booked a slot with autotune on the 24th to go and put all to the test on the dyno so fingers crossed everything goes ro plan
Boost loading ..........
300 inboind

Once again thanks for reading and wish me luck with the future forecast of event's ๐Ÿคž


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So another little update since getting the diff @jayme managed to sort me out while i was away and droo the parts down to mckowen motors to finish of the work on the box.

He got everything striped pulled out the old diff and wnet to fit the new diff but encountered a major problem the diff was 114mm but the inner ring on the box was 113mm so after trying to fit it as im sure you guessed........
It did not fit.

So major dribbling mong panic mode level 9 was put into affect.
After trying to sorce a new box i kinda give up as 1.8 spears are not that easily got in NI so back tk the drawing bored.
Rang the suppliers of the wavetrac (REGAL MOTORSPORTS) told them the hole situation and thankfulky they were willing to stand over the problem due to the mess about with shipping and supply me with the new 02j-b diff which is the required 113mm inner ring gear.

So major shout out to them with their outstanding customer service.
So as of today 8th oct the diff is waiting to be collected and ass soon as its lifted they are going to send the new 02j-b diff out same day so i should have it by the end of the week hopefully.
Fingers crossed ๐Ÿคž

No real pics of the hole thing as im not their to deal with it but ill just leave this here


Once again thank you all for reading and watch this space
ETA 10 days to the first start up ๐Ÿคž
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so another update and another set back as per normal my luck for everything running so smoothly has seemed to run out.

so after the first mess up with the diff it seems to just go on after regal had accepted all fault and stood over the change of the product due to their mistake on dispatch they managed to get me a new o2j-b and also to to my expense new bearings as the previous that came with the kit were bust due to striping the diff to go back to them to be replaced, and new arp bolts as they were diffrent to the 02j and that the fact they were stretched from previous fitting.

so long story short they pissed me about again after collecting the old one and once again didnt have the stock to post it next day and i was ment to have it last weekend, it only arrive today thursday the 17th oct ,so after nearly 2 months of daily phone calls daily because they seem to have the memory of a goldfish and no self motivation to do things on their own i eventuly got the bloody thing to be told that the deadline that i set over a month ago for the car to be running for the 18th and to start putting miles on it can no longer be met. due to regal pissing about, and mckowen going of to do a week course down south to which is no fault of his own.
by the time he will be back i will be over the water in that dump called london.

But at this stage with so much yet to be done i am fed up with chasing people and im on the verge of giving up and not giving a damm anymore it is such a hard thing to manage when you in a diffrent country and their is only so much micro managing you can do over the phone.

it was ment to be running 4 months ago!!!!!!

once again thanks for reading.