About Rapid Reflection


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The products we manufacture for our Rapid Reflection brand were developed out of an idea, an idea that some products on the market just don't cut it. Don't get me wrong, some brands have some great products, but we have yet to see one brand deliver on all fronts. Some have a great TFR and Quick Detailer, but their snowfoam let's the name down, others a great snow foam but a terrible tyre gel.

Well... we want to change that, we're not out to "take over the market" but we certainly want to provide the right products, for the right purpose and at the right price...

Obviously our brand is very new, but it has been in development for well over 2 years now, we have tried and testing many factors, and we hope that we've got it right, obviously we're always open to feedback, in fact we crave it, if it's positive feedback, great, we're obviously doing something right, but if it's negative feedback, we'll take that too, our plan is to take our negative feedback as constructive criticism, this allows us to go away, re-think the product, make changes and make it better for you, the customer.

As more products come to market we'll be sure to keep RMS updated, in fact we may even give RMS members some discount from time to time ;)
We hope that you'll try some of our products and jump on board with your feedback, and if you love them, keep buying too :p