Alfa: Pack Leader? New 4C Impresses


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On the RMS Blog: We got our hands on one of the most talked about cars in the last year, the Alfa Romeo 4C supercar and over five days enjoyed just over one thousand miles of mixed emotions. Emotions that included joy, ecstasy, courage, curiosity, fear, regret and love!

Joy and Ecstasy as let’s face it, this little Italian pocket rocket is just sublime in the looks department and sounds great and on opening the door to reveal the bare carbon fibre chassis the joy turns into pure unadulterated ecstasy for any petrol head.

With such a car, I got very curious as to just what it could achieve on our roads and this led to some courage after a few hundred miles, then when said courage was built up it led to fear as without respect this Alfa 4C will scare the living hell out of even the most experienced of drivers.

The 4C then led me to regret, regretting that I didn’t book Kirkistown Race Circuit for an hour as I genuinely believe that I only started to gently feel what the car was all about on our roads, whereas on the race track I could have exploited every last horse power and taken the chassis as close to my limits as possible whilst the Mad Italian stayed comfortably within its capable limits.

And finally love, well love is a very strong word that doesn’t come easily to many Alfa Males but I must say this Alfa most certainly deserves all the love it gets as it is beautiful, functional and turns more heads than Wimbledon on match day.

The Alfa Romeo 4C isn’t a car that is easy to write about as it is not a car for the non petrol head, nor is it a car for the inexperienced driver. (Read the Full Article Here)

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