Active Deal Amazon are doing meguairs buckets for £8


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yaris t-sport
Got to love how you can get the bucket delivered to NI, you can also get the grit guard as a separate item delivered here. Choose the option for both and it cant be shipped to here.
Amazon deliverys are a real pain for that. Alot of good deals not able to be delivered here. And we still pay the same prime fees etc. Not fair.


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sorry lads i must be behind the times these used to be a lot dearer please forgive me for not being on the ball. I will turn up for the firing squad and bring my own blind fold just tell be the time and place. ;)
Only thing in my favour you dont have to drive to Halfords so save petrol money.


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I bought one that means when the son washes the car he can now do the 2 bucket wash.