Brake Sticking Issue - Focus ST170

Discussion in 'Technical and Mechanical' started by Twain, Jul 13, 2010.

  1. Twain RMS Regular

    Just recently noticed after braking to a standstill when i drive on I get a feeling of the brakes not releasing properly. I get a noise similar to when you move a car after it sitting a while ( handbrake sticking when not in use) . The car is a 2002 Ford Focus ST170 and I got the rear discs and pads replaced along with handbrake adjusted about 3 months ago.

    Any thoughts on how i go about finding out what it may be? would it be binding brakes perhaps? All pads seem to have good life left in them.

    Thanks in advance
  2. Paul RS RMS Regular

    Paul RS
    Sierra Cosworth
    Could be a sticky piston. Try driving off with the handbrake on slightly, if the rubbing noise goes away, its your rear brakes, if not its the fronts.
  3. -Pete- RMS Regular

    also if you do a longer journey, once youve stopped, feel the temperature of each wheel, if one is slightly warm compared to the others then thats the wheel with a sticky brake. the other alloys should be pretty much stone cold.

    if that doesnt give you any indication then as paul said above. you could also go and jack each wheel up with the car on a flat surface and chock the other wheels, then try and turn each one and whatever one struggles to freewheel then there you go!

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