Bumper respray on 8 year old car


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2008 VW Jetta
Was viewing a car this evening and both front and rear bumper and 2 wing mirrors have a few marks im not happy with. The car is 2011 and priced at £6750. The dealer said the will respray both bumpers and mirrors for an extra £500 if i make a £500 deposit. They use kenny wylie in magherafelt if anyone knows how good his quality of work is. Im happy to pay the extra money to have the work done but afraid that having 2 newly painted bumpers on an 8 year old car will look different to the origional paint. Anyone any suggestions if i should do this or not?


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He's having a laugh asking you to pay it.

If he doesn't include it in the asking price, go find another car. You can't expect discount and the paintwork done, but if you're paying full asking price I would expect them painted.

Either that or ask him for £500 off and then get them painted yourself at a reputable bodyshop, £500 is about the going rate for two bumpers.