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On the RMS Blog: Citroën Racing is getting ready for its big comeback to the FIA World Rally Championship, bringing with it a new challenge and adventure for a team with renowned expertise. It is also another way for the brand to support the launch of New Citroën C3: an energetic car with a unique shape that packs a real punch under the bonnet.

The world is getting an exclusive first look at the C3 WRC concept car at this year’s Paris Motor Show.

Designed by the Citroën style centre in partnership with Citroën Racing, the concept car offers an extreme version of New Citroën C3, muscular and chiselled, with striking visual design. (Read the Full Article Here)

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Why don`t manufacturer's just build their rally cars as they are as road cars, and not water them down so much.


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Yeah sport has died since you cant relate the cars to a road going version.

^ some buff be along to tell me it actually took a nose dive in the year blah blah long after/before etc...... but I mean for me, WRC/ERC is dead to me.

Think it's why I still enjoy BTCC ... despite heavily developed and re-engineered The gaggle of motors loosely look like a type r or 1 series bm etc