Cancelling an annual subscription


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Quick bit of advice.

Wife signed up to some music tool website based in America. She thought it was £30 for a year, in fact its turned out to be £30 per month.

The terms and conditions state it is not cancellable or refundable, worded in a way that she's bought the full package for £300 (plus tax) and is just paying it monthly. A quick google shows lots of people in the same having the same problem, and cancelling the direct debit not working.

Any ideas or is she stuck with it for a year?



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just pay the monthly rate & explain to the company. then you can ring your bank & they'll be able to stop any further payments from that name.
if they get sneaky or have a different account name the bank can also block the exact amount.
Halifax did it for me a few years back.


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FWIW Avid are the developers of leading software in the music industry so they are not a dodgy company or anything.

Pro Tools is found in the top recording studios and Sibelius is used for writing sheet music. Pro tools used to require a piece of hardware to be plugged into the computer before it would open (said hardware used to cost about £400) so im not surprised they are expecting £30 x 12 to be paid.