Car Cleaning Products


RMS Regular
Need to thin out some products I may not get round to using!

Few bits to start and will add more and update. All new/unopened unless stated.

Megs Mirror Bright Polishing Wax - £15
Megs Ultimate Wash & Wax - £5
Megs Ultimate Quik Wax - £5
Simoniz Leather Protection (half full) - Free
Turtle Wax Colour magic polish (half full) - Free

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RMS Regular
What’s your best for all the Megs stuff
the wash and wax and quick wax is provisionally sold. If you’re interested in the mirror bright polishing wax I’ll let it go for a tenner (plus postage if needed)


RMS Regular
Auto Finesse Tripple and Radiance £1
Edit: the car plan can go Free. Must have a few glugs out of it only


RMS Regular
Can seem to p update the original post but update as below

Megs Mirror Bright Polishing Wax - Sold
Megs Ultimate Wash & Wax - Sold
Megs Ultimate Quik Wax - Sold
Simoniz Leather Protection (half full) - Sold
Turtle Wax Colour magic polish (half full) - Available Free
Carplan shampoo - Available Free

Autofiness stuff - Sold

Couple of freebies there for someone still and will add a few more bits later if possible