Cars you never knew existed


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S3, Elise
Probably is, being a rare special. Still a bit odd though. Like a cross between a rally car and a GT racer. In some ways I like it, but maybe not the nicest Imprezza.


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A neighbour just bought a new Subaru XV from Eastwood’s in Lisburn.

Didn’t know they existed!

Had a nosey round it today and was mightily impressed.

Very well put together and an interior that is as good as anything I’ve seen from BMW or Audi. This surprised me because my experience of Subaru interiors up to this point had been that they were basic and a bit utilitarian.

I thought to myself what’s the catch here? Why are these not more popular... then I drove it.

The naturally aspirated boxer 2.0 petrol engine is gutless and is crying out for a turbo.

The transmission is also a CVT instead of a conventional auto box, which is hateful in itself but the lack of torque makes it worse.

Such a pity.
Potentially a great crossover ruined by 2 fundamental flaws.
Think that’s bad? They also do a 1.6 petrol CVT which is dangerously underpowered and underwhelming. I drove 1 last year when my parents had it out from Eastwoods for a couple of days (they were meant to have it a week but couldn’t stick it any longer). It really is a horrendous combination of power & trans choice, and having seen quite a few other them on the road since, I can only imagine they must have been given out for free as you certainly wouldn’t want to part with the best part of £30k for it.


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Wasn't that a custom build for some rich Saudi customer?
They were ordered by the Sultan of Brunei’s brother. He had 7 of them made in various colours at a cost of $1.5 million each lol.

Around the same time the Sultan of Brunei himself had a couple of 456 GT Spyders built (not to be confused with the convertible)



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South Derry
and rides
Honda Accord MK10.

It was never released in the UK due to diminishing interest in saloons over crossovers / SUVs.

A friend of mine who works in Donnelly’s reckons it’s also because it’s built in Japan, which makes me wonder what will happen when the Swindon plant closes altogether?


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S3, Elise
There are literally dozens of mega expensive concepts like that around, most never getting past a sales brochure and a show shell.

Suppose Glickenhaus and Gumpert together might do it, they both have previous form.