Dad and Daughter Project. 1970's Beetle.


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2 years after selling the oval, having a brief flirt with something modern (ish) with the ST i just couldn't deal with not having something to tinker with, so the ST went up the road and i thought about a project.

Sorting out the Essex v6 in the Landrover reminded me how much i enjoy it and my daughter is constantly on at me "when are we going to get another beetle?

Roll forward to last month, a cheap bug came up across the water, super solid, rhd uk, new channels, mint pans but needed straightening and putting back together, perfect. A deal was done and i set about trying to find someone to lift it from Hastings.

Bottom line was, i couldn't trust anyone to get it back to me all present and correct as it was all in boxes, non driving/steering and at the very bottom of the country.

Last week i went and lifted it, i was lucky enough to borrow a trailer from a mate of mine and set off in the camper, i won't bore you with the details of a 700 mile round trip, it was knackering, but so glad i did it, but NEVER again. When i was a kid i used to fly to Milan and Portugal, buy a split screen van and just drive it home, those were a breeze in comparison. It was truly a hateful drive in the lashing rain and roadworks, stuff doing that for a living. I took the 8 hr Liverpool ferry to cut out a bunch of driving, daytime sailings, cabins were the best 20 quid spent ever (y)

The end result was i got the car home on Saturday evening safe and sound, the wee one was expecting a mini digger that i was collecting for a job, her face when i pulled in with her new bug :grinning:

I don't want to make this a long winded account, so i wont, i purchased it for me and my daughter,something to channel her energy ( or not ) and something to keep me ticking over, i seem to be happiest when i'm tinkering at a project.

So thats it, we'll be doing this one together, there's welding to cut out and redo as i'm not happy with it, no big jobs just small ones in the evenings that will leave the car needing little to no filler as opposed to a bucket load.

Its proper solid, a great cheap base. i have an idea in my head how i would like it, she has hers, we'll meet in the middle somewhere i'm sure, as long as theres no unicorn horn on the thing lol.

So, pictures will tell the story, save me boring you with a write up, the colour is picked,Ford Peppermint Green, wheels is going to be the clincher, it'll make it or completely break it. I want to tread a completely different route to the norm, i quiet fancy the idea of mk2 irish tarmac spec, deep dish minilights, compomotives etc, but its all down to offsets and tyres.

Pics for now .
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I'm looking forward to updates, this will be a fantastic project. Im sure given the bonding experience you will have restoring the car with your daughter it will be impossible to ever part with it.


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Liking the plans and the colour. I was watching wheeler dealers last night where they had a chevy c10 in a similar colour. Should look really good on a beetle.


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At least you didn’t dismiss the jacked up Baja style. I eagerly await updates with a lift kit, Maxxis Trepador tyres and some awesome pipe bending for bumpers and rails 😂😂
Don't mind a Baja,i could churn up Portstewart Strand on a Saturday evening, oh wait no i can't, every wab and his granny has the place gridlocked doing 1/2mph laps in their "performance" cars ^o)


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Those Baja's are so cool. Great to see you with a beetle again Ben and that will be a great thing for you and your daughter. Look forward to the updates :grinning:


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Love this Ben! Such a great idea and most of all a bit of fun.

Looking forward to seeing updates and the colour will look awesome 😁

Something like that but in Peppermint Green?


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Almost, but way too traditional Cal Look for me and i want to get away from that, i want to keep the trim and do it all black.

Being from Essex, Peppermint Green was BIG back in the 90's, i wasn't a massive fan of the look, but loved the colour.

After working on that 3.0 Essex, it got my mind churning.

Googling pictures of Peppermint greens this Capri came up, and that was pretty much it, Lacey loved the colour so that was a win.

The inspiration (ish) proper Essex.

Kinda how i have it in my head, we'll see.

bug test.jpg


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I remember the peppermint green on the Mk2 RS2000.
Black trim and the net headrests. Looked the part.