Dashcams and Dashcam Footage


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That is a hateful bit of road. You from down round there?
No I'm Nutts Corner direction, I was down that way to lift the car after getting the paint. Literally less than a mile from the place!

That bridge and the bit after where the road narrows going past the farm are awful.
Yep, the sat nav always tries to take me another way but I avoid it because the road surface is terrible. The surface is grand this way, but you meet all the lunatics on it lol


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Apparently real, GLE 63 S hired for the day and the driver had turned off stability systems according to several motoring websites. Thought it was faked at first too.



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Impreza Type RA
I met this muppet on the road last night. I'd just picked the car up from having the front end sprayed too, could have been a disaster 😮

Tough visibility for both there, no doubt they were approaching too fast

Did you or they sound your horn? I cannot remember who taught me that but I find it useful on blind bridges like that as a warning method


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a Volvo
I bought a nextbase 612GW at the start of the week. It was half price in Halfords. It had a number of issues so I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone on here.
1) The picture is wobbly/wavy - according to NB this is due to diesel cars. Well it was installed in my silky smooth V6 petrol so I dont buy that excuse.
2) The ball on the mount is small and the arm is thin. Coupled with a heavy camera it shook a lot no matter how tight I put it. I ended up using Blutak to try to stabilise it.
3) The main reason I returned it - it wouldn’t connect to WiFi and the app kept crashing. Couldn’t download a single video file off it.

I picked up the replacement dash cam yesterday. It’s a nextbase 522gw. There was a deal with a half price rear camera so I paid £143 for both. There is a redesigned mount - it’s shorter and totally solid. And even though it’s not 4K like the 612GW, the picture looks better at 1440p. It needed a U3 card due to twin cameras, so I got a 128GB for £15 from Samsung.

It does picture in picture for the rear camera, and if you touch the small rear image, it becomes full screen, handy for checking behind.