Down Royal C&C returns (24th March, 26th May, 28th July, 8th Sept)


RMS Regular
Megane 275 Cup-S
Great work by whoever managed to get these meets up and running again! I thoroughly enjoyed it this morning - the range of vehicles on display was so impressive. There is literally something for everyone!

Well done and looking forward to the next one!


RMS Regular
The Sticks
Lexus IS300h
Some lovely metal on show that would make anyone green with envy! Really liked the GMC pickup on the grass and all the Mustangs


RMS Regular
Boxster S
There was a chance Soupz Jnr would make an arrival this weekend but no sign as yet so popped down for a bit. Glad these are up and running again, fantastic turn out as always. No camera with me so just a few phone pics...

DSC_2210, 2.jpg

DSC_2211, 2.jpg

DSC_2209, 2.jpg

So mad looking it's nearly hard to believe it left the factory that!
DSC_2213, 2.jpg

A 911 attached to a large wing...
DSC_2215, 2.jpg

She'd be windy! Never appreciated how exposed these were.
DSC_2217, 2.jpg

DSC_2219, 2.jpg

DSC_2226-01, 2.jpg

DSC_2227-01, 2.jpg

Brightened up again after the skif of rain so took the Boxster for a spin, love driving this thing, although think the brakes need bled 🙈
DSC_2224-01, 2.jpg


RMS Regular
Was a great turn out this morning. I travelled up with @Eddie_ @Arfur @stuartyvilla and one of Eddie's mates and arrived at 9am, some great cars were there already at that time.

The standard of cars was great with some weird and wonderful stuff that you just dont see on the roads. Bumped into a few fellow RMS members on my way round the cars and even had a brief conversation with @Cooper about the merits of bringing a roof for your car with you as he was parking up. I'm gonna guess he's been on looking at them already!


RMS Regular
Mazda 6 GJ
Great day for the most part, great turnout, and good to see them back again. Got catching up with a few folk, and was good to see a lot of the rms cars about. Some great collection of cars overall as per usual.

Followed @ossy2004 @c_rad in, both motors look great on the road.
Thought I recognised the car from RMS when we passed on the motorway.

Car looked great!


RMS Photographer
Honda S2000
Some pics here, but spent more time talking to everybody than doing photos: