Eddie Torrens's legendary Escort Cosworth for sale


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South USA
A guy I used to run about with, Gary, had a lovely red Escort Cosworth. Loved that thing and he raked the absolute balls out of it everywhere we went. I think @stevieturbo knows him too.

Cossies for me are the stuff childhood dreams are made of. Not the fastest, prettiest or most exotic cars in the world, in fact they are sluggish compared to todays standards but they just have that desirability about them that makes them so sought after. I would love to own one no doubt, not sure if I'd rather have a modified one with different wheels, spoilers & 500hp or if I'd rather have a bog standard one with low miles to ogle over.
The Seirra RS 500 Cosworth is the ultimate for me though. Good grief.


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Seeing an Escort Cosworth on the road will always stir the senses i think. You just don't see them that often. Bit pricey for my liking but still awesome
I'd have your arm off for that!! I don't think I'll ever lose lose for Cossies tbh, Sierra or Escort. Would love to own one some day (y) Still loads of them in England, rarely see them on our shores though (n) I was at the Classic Ford show at Santa Pod last year and couldn't believe just how many were there!!!
I still luv them and see a jewel violet one most days on the road to and from work and always have a second look as it goes past !!