Ferrari's Big 5


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On the RMS Blog: The internet is awash with supercar comparison videos. Chris Harris remains the undisputed master of the genre. Often copied, but yet to be beaten. But there's a new contender emerging, who seems to have an unprecedented ability to gather the world's most sought after cars together in one location.

In his latest 3 part series, Alejandro Salomon drives the Ferrari 288 GTO, F40, F50, Enzo and LaFerrari.

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EF Ian

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Much prefer Chris Harris, don't know why just don't like this guy and the dialogue isn't very good in some of his videos.

But I'll watch anything that got nice cars being driven hard so its all good.


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Ha! Pedant :grinning:

Not taken by this guy yet. Not keen on his style and for all the wizardry of his videos, they feel a bit pedestrian. Still, he's got some pulling power to get that line up on a track and I hope episode 2 hits the accelerator a bit more.