Gen 2 Megabusa


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Are you driving this to the ring and back or trailering it lol?

What an awesome little car!

Side note Gtechniq do a coating for Motorsport stuff called Aerocoat, was designed with F1 cars and rally cars in mind. Stops rubber sticking to the paint, aerochannels etc. We coated one last year for a guy for the same reason :grinning:

Easy enough to use too just make sure the garage is reasonably warm
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Good progress on this (y)

Not normally a fan of tyre paint, although I can't say until I see them on the car.

Anyone who bleeds brakes should invest £45 and get one off Amazon
Might give one of those a go on your recommendation. Datsun will need full brake system filled once assembled again and the civics fluid is due a change so will be worth it.


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Been 3 weeks since I was last in the garage, but managed to get some work done today. I now have the dash and paddle shift bracket all sorted. In the past the bracket used to move occasionally, so I welded on a lug and now have a bolt through underneath the steering column so it physically cannot move. The Busa also needed the gear shift cable moved to the right hand side of the wheel and hence a new hole drilled in the dash. Took a lot of fiddling around to get everything lined up, cut, welded etc but very happy now with how it turned out. All in the detail as they say. Excuse the dirt and dust, no point cleaning til she’s finished.






The next job I think is going to be starting her up. Prob won’t be back in the garage for another week, but when it happens there will be a video!!


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Also - the carbon fibre race exhaust unfortunately had to go. It was absolutely deafening, and on a long run your ears would want to bleed.. it was also too small a bore for the new manifold, so after a few phone calls I settled on a 6 inch repackable stainless silencer from Edwards Motorsport. I gave Mike (based in Essex) the measurements I wanted over the phone and he called me less than 48hrs later to say it was ready. Absolutely top bloke and would recommend him to anyone.

It’s not as tarty looking as the Akrapovic, but I think it looks purposeful. Hopefully should bring the dB down a good bit too.






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Yeah @Rob Can looks great up against the car.

Is it Heavy compared to the Akra? I couldn't believe how light the Akra!

I didn't find it too loud tho, 99 decibels on static sound check at kirky.


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Few bits removed and sent for blasting and powder coating - lower engine cradle, headlight brackets, paddle shift bracket and gear change bracket. They don’t look bad in pics but they let the car down a bit, so should tidy her up nicely once I get them all back.


Since building the car, lighting has advanced forward a bit and a lot of people are now fitting LED headlights. I thought it would be a good opportunity to upgate my own lights, so sourced a set of 5 3/4” Caterham style shells from Kit Car Direct and ordered a set of Harley style all in one LED lights from one of many Far Eastern vendors on eBay. They are a completely different shape to my old venom lights, I would say the look may divide opinions a bit. But when you compare against all the alternatives, I think they are fine! Again all in one, so indicators/DRL built in and nice bright LED dip and main beam. They fitted perfectly into the Caterham shells with no hassle at all. Looking forward to getting them fitted and hopefully much better night time lighting!







Just need to figure out the correct way to wire them up, as my old lights have one bulb and a little solenoid operated shutter to change between high/low beam. At least it’ll give me the opportunity to improve and tidy the wiring a bit up front, as this was something I was never very happy with on the original build. Going to use good Deutsche DT connectors on these and maybe change a few other ropey connectors up front to the same. To be continued...



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Spent all day in the garage yesterday doing the job I hate most - wiring! The tail lights weren’t working for some reason, and in the past had a tendency to flicker at times. Eventually diagnosed with my multimeter as having a broken wire.

Then went on and mounted the electric water pump amplifier, and ran the wiring up to the pump at the front. Another wee one off the list.



Next up was headlights, my old headlights had 8 wires and a single bulb with a solenoid operated shutter to switch between high and low beam. The wiring was not really suited to my new lights so stripped out some wires, chopped off connectors and ran new heavier wires for full beam from fuse box to the front loom. Needs relays re wired now and connectors added up front and the new lights should be in business.


Moved the main battery cable, chopped about 18” off it (weight saving
) and got it permanently fixed to the car along with a charging harness for my battery conditioner.

Then moved onto the cooling fan - this is operated by a thermo switch in my radiator and can also be activated by a dash mounted switch (handy if sitting in traffic or idling in the pits). However it was previously spliced into the fire blade loom so I had to diagnose and make up new wiring to suit. All now tested and working woohoo. Also took the thermo switch home, boiled water on the hob and tested that it definitely works using the multimeter. Just as the water came on the boil, my multimeter rang out a reassuring noise to confirm continuity.

Not the most interesting update, but incredibly satisfying to know that the loom is very close to being complete and everything I have done along the way has been self taught.

Next week hope to fit new headlights, complete the loom and re fit all the powder coated parts. Then we might even turn the key!!

Oh and got another tyre painted. Just 2 more to go