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Nice to meet you today @RubberLover Ivan. Pretty much summed up already by others, but great service and price along with a great set up in Bangor. Highly recommend and see you in April again for another set of tyres! (y)
Thanks again @SPIKE_ for calling in yesterday and for the kind words also, a good choice in the Hankooks. And hopefully next time I’ll have had my lunch before 4pm!

@RubberLover spoke to you earlier there on the phone, have the tyres selected ok online and have applied the discount code etc but not seeing any option to add the 4 wheel alignment?
Nice talking to you earlier, sorry the line wasn’t great.

It’s a little bit of a faff but you’ll have to make two orders, complete the tyre order and then go to ‘book services’ afterwards to book a wheel alignment check. If you booked e.g. 9.00am for tyres, then select 9.30am for wheel alignment.

Speak to you soon!
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