Honda CBR600 F-SPORT


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Could you be arsed reading this big spiel about a not particularly fancy or interesting bike? Course you could...

Around 12 years ago (@BarryPort could correct me) Barry and I went on a big mission to collect a sturdy steed for him, that would be up to the task of hurling him across Europe with both comfort and speed.

We both have had our legs over a decent amount of bikes at this stage but nothing up the years a bit. In 2008, a 2001 bike to us, was very modern! Lol.

Honda brought out the F-sport in 2001 to stop gap the bridge to the cbr600RR. They kept a slightly watered down version with a banana seat on the market until 2006.

The main differences from the last CBR were that it was fuel injected, had an aluminium frame, digital speedo, slightly higher seat subframe and obviously the asthetics.

Between the 2001 version and the banana seat version, there are a number of differences. Valve spring pressure was raised, injectors had 4 nozzles increasing the fuel pressure, different piston rings and a raised limiter to 14.2k, and adjustable suspension fitted, to name a few.


So here we are, looking at a mint condition, black framed, fuel injected, digital gauged, rev counter sweeping beauty that not only looked and performed in the same category as an r6 but was nearly as comfortable as a Fazer.

Barry bought it, course he did. It was stunning.

*Insert Barry's story here*

So, Barry sold the bike to a friend who was new to biking, managed to bump into the back of another friend and smash the top fairing. After telling me what a nightmare it was to find parts for whilst on a night out in magaluf, I asked him how much he wanted for it.


Once brought home a few miles on a ropy trailer, I stripped the bike and cleaned every part of it, awaiting for my new headlight cowl/fairing to arrive from England. Other than a few bits and pieces, the bike never asked me for anything, and I rode it day in day out, wind rain or snow, for about 4 years, including a trip to Aberdeen to sit exams.



I started a new job, bought a car and then it rarely got used at this point, and other than a drive to Limerick to pick up my work van, take my step daughter around the nw200 track and one other ride out with friends, it sat in the garage for about 2 years. @BarryPort managed to get a wee scoot with the missus a day too.


At this point, with it looking a bit tired and grubby, I sold it to another member on RMS for the same that I had paid for it, promising I would get myself another at some point.

That takes us to last month, where I contacted @Boksic to see if I could buy it back. He obliged, and honoured the gentleman's agreement of not sticking the arm in! Lol.


At this point it's (not) worth mentioning that that is the same trailer from 8 years ago (nearly to the day) that I first picked it up! Lol

First thing I did was give it a deep clean, clay bar and stick it in the garage. Went shopping for bits, and have bought a load of bits and pieces for it. Plan is for @BarryPort and I to leave it mint, and it will become our forever bike.


Congratulations on making it this far!
New bar ends, mirrors, battery, grab rail for the wife, rim tape for when the wheels are refurbished and a few other bits already ordered.

Once it sees a bit of use and I set up a dedicated work space for it, we'll start the strip down. Then, it will receive a gearbox strip and rebuild, new cam chain tensioner, all new seals and gaskets, re-powdercoated frame and subframes, fresh, original colour scheme and whatever else comes under the bar of exceptional whilst stripping it.

Alot of memories this bike holds so it is only fair to restore it back to the day we got it at least, and enjoy it for years to come.
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@gcon45 may appreciate this rebuild, he knows how good an all rounder they can be:

Nice updates there mate, looking forward to filtering through traffic on hot summers days round the port.

You’re right it would have been 10 years ago at least we went to Fermanagh for it.

2010 was the trip down do the French Riviera





Can’t mind it’s timeline after that!


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They are a legendary real-world bike. Jealous of your French trip.

I won't mention the trailer strapping techniques, just glad you got it home in one piece.


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I went with a crowd of bonkers men and I seriously don't know how we made it, that's not me in Barry's pic... I did hit a road sign and came off somewhere in France but it was already on the floor in my defense lol


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This brings a memory back. I talked to a fella years ago in Portrush riding one the same as that. He complained that he kept running out of fuel because he couldn't see the fuel warning light and because it was fi had no fuel tap for reserve lol.


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Likely me or Barry 😂🤣🤭

Dunno if it's a fault or the way they are but sometimes it comes on and about 20 seconds later you're out of fuel, or sometimes it comes on and you can ride away if you dare


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Awesome thread had one a my 2nd bike 17 years ago loved it until a nice old lady decided she didn’t me and thought I was a speed bump .

Look forward to updates


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The bike got booked for mot and it'll be up on Saturday, with the excitement I had to start tinkering.
All fluids checked, a big splash of super and a battery fitted, fired up, warmed up and left to run for a bit. Dead on.

Then I fitted all the wee goodies I collected bar the headlight shield. The wife got me a d.a for my birthday so I gave that a whirl around it despite the thing having proper rash marks.



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Bike mot passed on Wednesday after failing on Saturday due to a dodgy earth causing the brake lights to be faint and bringing on the numberplate light.


It's now taxed, a wee sail into the town with the wife to mark the occasion today... Found a wee hole one the exhaust manifold needing welded up too which was hard work due to it being paper thin, needless to say l, the welding to cover it is absolutely shocking but does the job!


When it gets a full overhaul, a stainless item will be on the list for sure.

All tucked up now, ready for the seldom use it will receive