Insuring an import from down south under old UK reg?


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I've purchased a van from Dublin which was imported in 2006, prior to that it was registered in the UK and I've managed to obtain the UK reg which still runs quotes, etc. I'm wondering is it possible to insure under old UK reg, MOT under UK reg, apply for replacement V5C using V62, and stating "new keeper and did not receive V5C when I receive new V5C tax vehicle. I seen another post online that someone in England was able to do this without issue.


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No, there will be an export marker on it. Use the government website to run the English plate through the tax checker and it'll tell you.
Needs MOT'd on the chassis number.
You'll also need to do a NOVA declaration for HMRC and pay the VAT on it if it hasn't been done.
DVLA won't let that slip through the net, but only the other hand you won't need to pay to re register it.