Isuzu's XTReme Pick Up


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See the blog feature on this - It is well documented that the Isuzu D-Max pick-up truck is one of the most capable and practical commercial vehicles on the market today and its accolades seem to be never-ending.

This latest D-Max model, named the XTR, I am confident will add yet more trophies to the overflowing cabinet at Isuz Read the Full Article Here

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Jeez it certainly ain't pretty.

They're the best work horse pick ups, but my goodness that is brutal.


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I have seen a lot of people complaining the new model is way down on power if towing a trailer in comparison to a Ranger or Navara.
They are. The 1.9 is horrendous to tow with. That’s why we still run the 2.5, and will no doubt run her into the ground as the new 1 was nigh on dangerous in manual guise with the terrible gear ratios and poor power curve to match them, and the automatic model was up and down gears like a yo-yo and most certainly wasn’t as capable as the 2.5 when it came to hauling decent loads.