Lough Fly Enduro - A Chance Encounter with Motorcycles and Mud


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On a hedge, on a stage.
On the RMS Blog: I suppose it’s only right to set the scene from the beginning: this is mainly a car website and I’m mainly a car fan. But there is an active motorbike section on the forum, where members of the 2 wheeled fraternity talk about chains and leather and stuff. A few weeks ago, I had an experience where I felt like I clicked the wrong link and stumbled aimlessly into the motorbike section of RMS. The result? I ending up being engrossed in one of the most accessible and entertaining motorsport events I’ve ever attended. (Read the Full Article Here)

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Elise P* T5R
Yep, good read, and sounds like great fun too (y)

People really do get up to the strangest things, lol, but hard to beat mud and engines :grinning: