MCUI (UC) Rules and Regulations 2017

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    Below are the rules and regulations that competitors agree to abide by when they sign an entry form for racing.
    The Standing Regulations give the full Technical Regulations for each class and the restrictions, etc for the motorbike. Page 63 & 64 gives details of Number Plate Colours, Number sizes and other information.

    Page 60 shows MCUI GUIDE TO SCRUTINEERING - this shows all the things a scrutineer will check on race day and gives you a heads up on what you should have done.

    These details can be downloaded from MCUI(UC)

    They are in the dropdown box RULES AND REGULATIONS
  2. kristen RMS Regular

    bmw e46 32 coupe
    hi do you know of any supertwins for sale
  3. yvo6 RMS Regular

    Not off hand but there are a few racers on here that might know.

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