Outcast Meet hosted by Jacobs Supercars & TMC Motorsport


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Megane 275 Cup-S

This is on next Sunday 16th August at Auto Evolution Detailing in Newtownabbey.

Won’t be many meets on this year and I am really missing the TSCCNI meets at Down Royal so going to try and make it along to this.


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Must be the worst place ever to try and have a meet as there is absolutely no chance of parking outside in a safe place .sounds like a total disaster tbh.can imagine the arguments with the locals when jimmy rocks up In His modified , extremely loud lowered banger and parks on the footpath outside a locals front door .


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Sounds like a mess especially given all the current restrictions. The need for A much bigger location should have been pretty obvious.


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@markymark34 yea i seen that too and was confused myself but i think it was for spectators?? I really dont know.
We were there early because the club stand was arriving early to get their spot