Play in top mount (07 Octavia VRS TFSI Estate)


RMS Photographer
Good morning,

I have a knock coming from the left hand side of my 2007 Octy VRS TFSI, in 2017 the car had new struts, top mounts, console bushes and drop links fitted, ive had a good go with a pry bar on the bushes and arb bushes but everything seems ok so far as I can tell.

Its a knock rather than a rattle, and it does it over sharp bumps, even very tiny ones. Can get it to make the sound when rolling slowly 5-10mph and tapping the brake pedal.

My main quesion is, when I have the car jacked up, wheel off, then apply a jack to the arm to lift it up again I probably have about 5-6mm of vertical movement in the top of the damper shaft (looking from above at the top of the top mount). I know theres a few bushings etc in the top mount but is that sort of play normal?

Many thanks,