Possible To Sell A Plate From An Off-the-road Car?

Discussion in 'Ace Registrations' started by DarrylWebb, Oct 6, 2011.

  1. DarrylWebb RMS Regular

    So I bought a donor car a few weeks ago, and now have the V5 for it.
    As I'll be stripping it, I thought it might be worth selling the registration (English reg containing 'LAB' )

    It's been off-the-road since July, I have the expired tax disc.
    I ASSUME, but do not know for sure if the seller had it SORNed.
    I have applied for SORN, but as it's mid-month, I assume DVA will SORN it from 1st October. I expect this will mean a 'break in SORN', due to the change in ownership.

    I do not have the MoT certificate and do not know when it expired.

    So am I wasting my time considering selling the registration? The more I look at it, the more things I see as obstacles, but I thought it worth asking for expert opinion.

    I also noted the car must be available for inspection. Does somebody visit or do I take the car for inspection (when it's off-the-road ?!)

  2. Gee RMS Regular

    A4 BE+
    Pretty sure a car has to be MOT'd to change the registration. This was certainly the case a year or two ago.
  3. Gaz This space available for rent

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    Yup, MOT'd and taxed as far as I know.
  4. steenson RMS Regular

    If you ask them nicely they will do it in the gas works office, we swapped the plate from our old car that had been declared of the road for a good while on to a current car. That was last march
  5. DarrylWebb RMS Regular

    If a car's been off-the-road less than 12 months, apparently it's do-able, but it must be SORN'd and the tax naturally expired (not returned for refund) and such.
    Any of the registrations dealers I've contacted so far seem pretty thin on telling me what documentation I need to have to allow it to happen.
    I just wondered if anyone had any experience.

    But ta for the replies.
  6. Karlos Da Jackle RMS Regular

    Karlos Da Jackle
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    My search doesn't work, But been a few threads on it.

    Car has to be MOT'd but doesn't need tax as you have discovered above. Tax can be expired.

    Few threads before in car chat if your search works. probably under cherished reegistration, or transfer registration.

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