Sold as Seen - The New RMS Podcast - Episode 001 - The New M3, Andy's ordered a GR Yaris

We're excited to launch all new podcast, Sold as Seen. The show is hosted by myself, Andy Cooper, along with forum members and good mates Craig Allen (@Rocko) and Gary Reilly (@Gaz).

Our aim is simple, chat about the latest motoring news and events, and use the reach of RMS to bring along as many interesting guests as we can convince to speak to us, and have a lot of craic along the way.

We don't want to overcook it so we'll be publishing monthly, with guests joining us on episode two. The podcast should be appearing on all the main platforms including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, YouTube, Acast and more over the coming days.

This is only the start, but we want to hear your comments - so let us know in the thread below, contact us on the socials @rmsmotoring or email pod at

Onto this pilot episode of the Sold as Seen Podcast, our launch edition has barely scraped past pre-delivery inspection on a Friday afternoon and pushed off the forecourt as the shutters have come down.

Show Notes Below:

The New G80 M3

May be an image of car

The E36 is 30 Years Old

BMW 3 Series Coupe (1992 - 1998) used car review | Car review | RAC Drive

New New New Top Gear is Brilliant

The Mondeo Is No More (Yes Ford were still selling them)

File:Ford Mondeo ST220 Blue.jpg - Wikipedia

Mitsubishi UK Heritage Fleet up for Auction

Get your hands on a classic at Home

Operation Venetic - Cars Seized in Newry

Custard Nova!

Cars seized

Cars seized
Operation Venetic: Vehicles seized by PSNI in Newry

GR Yaris

The 2020 Toyota GR Yaris Is a Street-Legal Rally Car You Can't Buy


RMS Regular
Normally at work......
Evoque 2.2 D :(
Just caught up on this (joys of night shifts!) Really well done, agree that upping the content and length would be great....swearing doesn’t bother me at all when it sounds “natural”

Would be good to hear from some motorsport influences, drift, rally, lanes, track etc. How they got into it, costs etc

Also the likes of [email protected], Ross or [email protected], but that’s my OCD interests showinh

Well done all on the inaugural episode!


RMS Regular
Just had a listen this morning with my coffee..
Good craic.
Agree with everything said regarding the new m3 lol front grill doesn't do it for me at all but evolve are making a new front end for them so you can switch it out lol

Also... I walked past a bunch of kids one day when a Tesla was driving past and they lost their sh*t.... "Omg Tesla, Tesla... Look a Tesla"
Its the way its going now me thinks.
I personally think Teslas are awesome, the technology in them is superb but petrol will always be my #1

Look forward to next month's podcast already 🙂


Site Manager
Is this on Google Podcasts or am I being a complete melter??? 8-|
I submitted it on the 4th to Google Podcasts but we're still not approved yet. Hopefully tomorrow!
Did you get together (and distance) to do this or use the wonders of technology?

A few of the radio shows I listen to are done from home now. The very odd time a DJ has wifi issues.
Zoom and some decent mics. Looking forward to doing it in person at some stage!


RMS Regular
her crazy
Had a wee listen last night and really liked it for a 1st episode. Wouldn't worry too much about the swearing, I swear all the time, but I would definitely try to talk things out a wee bit more. Not just for length of the episode but I felt that sometimes you were bouncing around from topic to topic a wee bit too quickly and it was getting lost in the banter.

100% enjoyed it though and really looking forward to the next one.

As for topic suggestions I'd like to hear some stories from back in the day like Bangor Cruise times @Rocko

Also even just a bit of motoring history from @Gaz and @Cooper (y)


RMS Regular
Listened today. Enjoyed it, but feel it would definitely benefit from longer episodes. A lot of topics covered in a short space of time.

Happy to offer passenger laps in a M3 for anybody missing out. :p

Hot topic above being the swearing. Found it was minimal and wouldn’t bother me.

He might not love me putting him forward (sorry Chris :kissing_heart:) but @chrisd1 would be an interesting chat into the Japanese stuff. Has built a big following with his brand and worked on some interesting projects.