Toyota 'Land Speed' Land Cruiser

Discussion in 'Car Chat' started by Cess, Nov 29, 2016.

  1. Cess RMS Staff

    See the blog feature on this -Everyone knows the Toyota Land Cruiser is about. Tough, rugged, reliable. A 4x4 with strong heritage that won't see you stuck. Speed and performance are not the Land Cruiser's forte. Until now, that is. Meet the Toyota ‘Land Speed Cruiser’. A 2,000 hp brute built by Toyota USA’s motorsports technical centre in Los Angeles for the annual SEMA show. Read the Full Article Here


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  2. Paddy_R RMS Regular

    In that picture it looks a lot like a Subaru Forester. Which is a good thing.
  3. Cess RMS Staff

    They lowered the suspension quite a bit which gives it that look. They took it to a NASCAR oval in the end and I think drag raced it too.
  4. EF Ian RMS Regular

    EF Ian
    EF Civic & 260Z
    I'd rather have the SVM Qashquai R

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