Track Skills 9th June


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Cars coming to this track day, as of 4th June 2019

• Various BMWs
• Various Honda Integras
• Audi R8
• Fiesta Mk 7
• Alfa Romeo Giulia
• Mk 2 Escort
• Honda Civic
• Various Renault Clios


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I'll hopefully make this one too :grinning:.

Weather is now looking dry too :cool:.

Essential track prep has started with giving the Civic a good clean.

Anyone heading down to this?

New AD08r tyres on the Clio to try out, can't wait.
If it helps I run them 26 PSI cold. One of the other guys running a Clio gave me those pressures and I rarely have to tweak them. Bar a day when the ambient temperature is a little colder.


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Good day out today and very well run as usual. Couple of nasty incidents and hope all involved are ok. M3 was going well until one of the fuel pumps blew the fuse.

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What a car! I hope its all an easy fix.

I'm home, busted and a cold Corona already open.

A great day out for me, a few minor shifter problems, but I can get that fixed.

I'd quite a few great runs with a supercharged MX5 with similar power to me.

I'll have some videos up over the next day or two.