What did you do to your motorcycle today?


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Got my new helmet delivered yesterday; I am usually a Shoei buyer but got a great deal on the C4 by Schuberth. My old Multitec by Shoei was not fitting properly anymore and you only have one noggin so thought best to get sorted sooner rather than later. Feel a bit 'dirty' buying German stuff when I prefer stuff from Japan :grinning:

Opted for the SC1A Bluetooth kit to be added to the helmet as the rest of the kit is preinstalled/built in from factory, so you just slide the module in one side and the battery into the other slot, pair your phone and sat nav and thats it. Pretty slick. The Shoei Neotec II has the same setup but no decent deals on these at the mo so opted for the C4 as the price comparison was a no brainer

First ride with it this morning and feels good. Wee bit heavier than the Shoei, the volume could be louder from the SC1A system as I wear earplugs when riding always have done. So a bit dissapointed with this and there are no settings to be able to increase volume anymore from the setup menus.

The visor is pretty big and great field of vision. Be interesting to see how it copes when the weather changes with regards to fogging as its got a pretty large pinlock visor in place again factory installed.

And the sungalss visor is a nice addition to modern helmets now. Even though i wear glasses fulltime and have reactions lenses, these do not work when the visor is down so this works well indeed as had a bit of sunshine on the m1 this morning and tested it out.

Seems to be a quality helmet and comes with 5 year guarantee whne you register it online. Venting seems a tad better than my old Shoei.

Opted for Gloss White, there was some nice designs in the range but for my flip up I do like a plain helmet and white is as good as any to be seen in by other road users. sorry for the generic pic below but this is pretty much it

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Infinity had those at £200 or so a few months ago when I went down and bought a load of gear. The chin strap was too far back and dug into my neck when my head was down a bit or I’d have been tempted by 1.


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At 200 that's an absolute bargain for this lid. I paid a bit more than that minus the comms system and I thought I got a good deal. You should have bought it and flogged it 😀


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Didnt want to start a new thread but has anyone any recommendations for bike transport? From London back to anywhere in N.I.

Is there a going rate?


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Put it to bed!

..Laid it down, checked out the touch points - where to protect should it go down.

Its proper light too. Axle sliders due. Seen some that replace the existing chain adjusters. Thinking something slightly longer/wider for the rear would be good tho as the exhausts stick out quite a bit.