What do you do when BMW don't do a touch up?


RMS Trader
You come to see us at Paints & Components of course. :grinning:

As most of us regulars will have seen, @chris_b picked up his glorious new Mexico Blue Individual F80 M3 the other day.

Annoyingly on his drive home he picked up a small stone chip on the corner of his bumper, so he called the supplying BMW dealer to order a touch up kit, but amazingly they don't do one as it's such a rare colour.

I checked our paint system for him and again, no standard formulation was available even though the paint code was listed on our system. Strange.

So when Chris arrived we got the Valspar spectrophotometer out and took a few readings, ran them through the system and BOOM, perfect match.

Turns out the colour is identical to a historic NASCAR colour!

Touch up mixed and Chris used it last night, confirming the match was perfect.