What's taken your fancy in the classifieds today?


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Looking at the smoked topaz bmw Has anyone seen thar colour in the flesh and what it like
The girl at the top of my road has a 440i couple that colour. Photos don’t do it justice it’s a great colour plus it’s a nice change from the usual white ones you see everywhere.


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A car
Dreamland today, but seriously what a car, would be right up there on the lotto list!

One of my all time favourite cars without question ! Been very lucky to have had a few great experiences in them too


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Far from it lol. The place always looked a bit dodgy for my liking. Can't get over their stock just. They've a stage 2 GTR too
I never even noticed it to Adam pointed it out as we were driving by last week and asked did I want to call in to see the Mini.


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@paddyirishman great cars and surprising reliable from a gearbox and engine perspective. That's the facelift model so it will have the 8 speed zf box which is meant to be better/bombproof than the 6 speed mine had.

Definitely do a gearbox flush and adaptions reset on that one as it's over 65k which is when the owners club recommend changing out the gearbox oil etc.

Power is just insane, I ran a Viezu v switch tune which on paper takes it from 510 to 560 with no supporting mods.

I would recommend an exhaust system as they are quite tame sounding in stock form. I also added an X pipe as it made more power apparently and made the sound even better.

Mpg wise I was getting on average for the daily commute around 19/20mpg.

Servicing etc I used Jaguar Approved garage up at Stephen Groves in Hillsborough. Great guy and a wealth of jaguar knowledge.

Just the usual stuff like brakes, tyres and also suspension components can fail and be pricey but all in all euro car parts can usually help lol