what's your favorite motor sport


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I was so curious to get some answers about the motorsport you all like. I love F1 so much and I always make out time to watch it.i wanted to add another one to my list but I am not sure of anyone to add.

can you list your favorite motor sport below so I review it and see if I can add that to my favorite too. Thanks.


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Aussie Supercars (used to be called the Aussie V8 Supercars). Your search may as well start and end there. I subscribe to their viewer thing on the official website which is fantastic. They live stream all qualifying and races as well as making them available on demand. Costs about £40 to watch the whole season which includes the Bathurst 1000. Best racing in motorsports at the moment.


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BTCC for me but I do love to watch GT3, Le Man, Aussie V8 and DTM when I can.

F1 doesn’t interest me in the slightest.


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BTCC for me too. Returns this weekend after summer break at Snetterton + full live tv coverage on ITV4. Also watch European Le Mans series via their website, only got in to it because I know Wayne Boyd, local lad who's a race winner in the series. That's also one of the main reasons why I watch BTCC and the support races, to cheer on the local lads.


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Maybe not "motorsport" in the usual sense of the word, but motoGP and IOM TT.
Four wheels it would be aussie V8 or maybe rallycross.


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Integra R DC5
BTCC, WRC and WEC (although admittedly only LeMans and Spa-Francochamps rounds).

I watch F1 now and again but races like last weekend's German GP are the exception rather than the rule. Most races are tedious most of the time.


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On a hedge, on a stage.
I’d have time for most motorsports to be honest but my passion is for Rallying.

Enjoy the WRC to a certain extent especially this weekend with the Gravel Grand Prix being on in Finland.

But there is absolutely nothing like the sight, sound and smell of a properly driven rallycar on the door handles on a narrow bumpy bit of Irish Tarmac in the flesh getting grit in your teeth. So my first love is Irish Tarmac Rallying, I was at rallies before I could walk so I’ve just grown up with it. Everything from clubman rallying (I’m taking my 3 year old to the Dogleap rally today, his 6th rally) to the Irish Tarmac Rally Championship. I usually manage to get to around 15 rallies per year but I’ve been lucky enough to go to every round of the tarmac championship this year so I might hit 20 this year....next year I might go to every round of the Irish National championship.

I ****ing love standing on ditches in the rain.


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I’ve yet to find perfection, but the V8 Supercars comes close. That said, if it’s got an engine, and people are racing it, then i’ll probably be watching.