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Gaz's Toyota GT4 ST185 Carlos Sainz (1993)

Developed a soft spot for these ST185 Celica GT4's after getting a run in a friend's UK model ................... after some brief research I decided a I wanted one of the limited edition Carlos Sainz models. They were slightly more powerful than the standard car (205bhp vs 201bhp). Only 440 of these cars were produced. They also had a different bonnet vent (newer style GT4 vent) and a Carlo Sainz signed plaque.

The car had good midrange power, but acceleration was slightly disappointing for a turbocharged 2-litre. Handling and grip were awesome though, and were easily the GT4's strongest points. Reliability was also good, although any engine work at all (even changing plugs) was tricky as it meant removing the intercooler and pipework.

All in all, not a bad car but if I was buying one again I'd prefer a tuned Jap version which are a lot more powerful than the UK cars.

More pics to follow

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Toyota GT4 ST185 Carlos Sainz 1993 (Gaz)

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