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Saturday (5 May) saw the hills around Belfast East, reverberate to the sound of hillclimbing – hillclimb is a motorsport initiative popular throughout Europe and rest of the world alike, but in the UK, some of the most exciting events are right here in Northern Ireland.

Class: 1 Roadgoing under 1700cc 2wd

Dennis Watson had it all under control – setting the bar and then chipping away at that time each run in his roadgoing 106. Andrew Tucker also knocked seconds of his time throughout the event put neither his MX5 nor Pete Storeys Rover 25 could live with the pace of Dennis’s 106. Great driving by all but Steven Gault’s 2008 records lives on.

Class: 2 Road going over 1700cc 2wd

Great win for Chris Rogan and being very close to nipping David Finleys 2016 record meant Chris maybe pushed a bit too hard on that final run – minor damage sustained as it went a little messy near the top of the hill.

Michael McAllistar and Davey Gibson fought hard with Michael taking 2nd and Davey 3rd – other honourable mentions to Conor Hamill, evergreen Tom Lawther along with British championship contender Peter Herbert who all drove superbly today.

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Class: 3 Road going 4wd

Fantastic time and drive from Paul Montgomery in his Subaru Impreza with a 50.97– very close to a great record set by Ivan McCulloughs GTR in 2016. Barry impreza and Brian Forrester where a little further back but both provided great soundtracks as they set their times – nothing much beats a flat 4 with the volume up loud.

Class: 4

Gardiner and John did battle again today in class 4 and Gardiner took the win – a little of his own record but two good performances in two well turned out cars.

Class: 5

First for John Mackenzie with a superb time of 50 sec dead, 2nd was a much closer run affair with Kieran Smyth 2nd and Tosh Townsend separated by less than half a second.

Class: 6a modified production 8v

Gordon Fogarty in imperious form again today nudged his own record down lower once again to a time of 55.65!

John McDowell and Nick Caughy drove well to complete the top 3 in their escorts while Gary Milligans mini and David Evans 205 kept them honest – Maybe Gordon has a shout at the Leaders Championship this year!? Time will tell.

Craigantlet Hillclimb 2018 image 3

Class: 6b modified production 16v

It was tight at the top of this class with Brain Fitzmaurices White Honda Civic pipping Lee Kirkwoods 106 to first place with a mere 1.7 tenths between them! Colin Dines took 3rd. Both Brian and Lee where pushing hard today and bravery was on show through the last corner as the day run its course. Great commitment from the men of 6b.

Class: 8a 1400cc sports libre

Rudi took the win today with a time of 51.51 but the timesheet would suggest that an issue was encountered during run 2 and he still wasn’t back on the pace come run 3, But we have seen it before and today was no different, one clean run is all Rudi needs to secure the win. Ian Howard in 2nd with a very respectable time of 52.69.

We missed Roger today after his accident at Drumhorc, sounds like it will take some time and effort to get his motor repaired and race worthy again – Good luck with the rebuilding process.

Class: 9 Sports Libre

A tale of two standards in this class – Ray Rowan was 1st and 6th overall in his Pilbeam and Gerard O’Connell was 2nd and 10th overall in his radical two mighty drives today. Then drop back 6/7secs and Mark Francis was 3rd driving the now Iconic white Escort with plenty of HP on tap and Peter McKinley in his mk2 was 4th.

Gary McWilliams slid his way to 5th in the turbocharged Starlet while Tony McLaughlin’s beautiful blue BMW was 6th.

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Class: 10 small capacity rally class

Alan Cassells proved once again why he is seen as a contender for this years leaders championship taking the class record on his first timed run and then bettering that again on the 3rd and final run. Garth Neil only managed 1 timed run i’m not sure of the explanation for that just now.

Class: 11 large capacity rally class

Father and son Garry and Daniel Campbell fought over top honours in this class but youth came out on top this time as Daniel pushed the Starlet hardest with a time of 52.99, Garry second with a time of 53.51. Third was Mervyn Johnston in his beautiful Chevette, always a pleasure to see it out.

Class: 12 Sports Libre 4wd

Tightest Battle of the day? Certainly a contender. The whole class covered by less than 2 seconds.

Congratulations to our visitor Allan McDonald in this 4wd Mini who struggled a bit to reproduce or better his first timed run but it was enough to secure the class win and record.

Then 3 local monsters – Ivan McCulloughs GTR, Michael Whites Legacy and Oliver Cormicans Evo split by less than a second. A great spectacle for the spectators to see such heavily tuned machines let loose on public roads.

Sometimes people ask just how fast these Class 12 cars really are? Well today if you sorted the overall results (including all our visiting single seaters!) by 64ft times… The list would read…

1st Allan Mcdonald

2nd Michael White

3rd Oliver Cormican

I think the technical term is ‘Serious Ooomph’

Craigantlet Hillclimb 2018 image 4

Class: 14 Racing Cars up to 2000cc

Two visitors today and both set times under the existing record, congratulations to Simon and Darren respectively. On to our local men and George Stevenson set an impressive time of 47.91 in his stunning blue Jedi, followed by John Donnelly and Brendan Flynn who both came in under the 50 sec marker.

Class 15: Racing Cars (all other)

As always we look here for our outright overall winner and today was no different in that regard but when it comes to Craigantlet there is always the added awe at the level of competitiveness and speed displayed by the travelling teams.

The top 6 separated by less than 0.5 sec (40.28-40.70) still a little way of Scott Moran’s outright hill record of 39.12.

For the NI Hillclimb competitors our headline could be ‘Ricky McGimpsey marches on!’ Great to see three of the McGimpsey family out competing and putting in some serious times. John Stewart kept them very honest with a great time of 48.73 in his second timed run but in the end couldn’t quite manage to split the McGimpsey strangle hold.

Class 16a roadgoing historics is a class made up of a Lotus Elan, a Triumph and a Frogeye Sprite, all special in their own right. Jago Bret took top honours in the Lotus, Paul Robinson 2nd in the Triumph with Trevor McElroy 3rd in his lovely Frogeye Sprite

Class 16b non roadgoing historics saw Alan Jardine obliterate the existing class record by over 2sec in a fantastic first timed run of the day. Alan’s subsequent runs didn’t yield a better time but the record breaking run was more than enough to seal the class win ahead of Simon Brein and Dominic McGowan.

That’s all I have time for tonight – apologies to anyone I’ve had to skip past without a mention.

Share your stories of the day below and let us enjoy any tales worth telling along with you.

Next up: SPAMOUNT – Words: NI Hillclimb Championship Team


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| Went up to watch on Saturday, boys I got some sunburn!
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