BMW M2 Breaks Cover

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The stunning new BMW M2 was unveiled this week, and in the video below with E30 M3 and 1M in tow and hints of a Nürburgring lap time of just 7:58 they are placing all bets that their ultimate drivers car has been baked in to this new M car.

Using a modified version of the single turbo 3.0 N55 engine found in the superb M135i, it will produce 365bhp and 343lb/ft of torque (an M4 for reference makes 420bhp from the S55 motor).   Using the M-DCT dual clutcher and launch control, 60 should be despatched in 4.3 seconds, the same as the M4.  Weighing in at a shade under 1.5 ton makes it marginally lighter than it’s big brother.



There is no doubt that the M2 is a fantastic looking car with the signature M division wing vent, wider body and track the clear indicators that this is no SE spec 2 series.

Prices start from £44k, with rivals such as the A45 AMG and the new Audi RS3 coming in at £40k, and the M3 at £57k.

Still interested?  Check out BMW’s own launch film below and you can see this car is aimed squarely at the driving enthusiast.


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jagged replied at 13:05, Thu 15 Oct, 2015
Yes i'll have one of those please in phoenix yellow --- or Dakar ----- or white ---- or ?
Boabybooster replied at 13:10, Thu 15 Oct, 2015
Imo BMW have always had disappointing looking seats in their M cars.
mcmurray replied at 13:53, Thu 15 Oct, 2015
| Imo BMW have always had disappointing looking seats in their M cars.
That's so they can up-sell their expensive 'M Performance' seats to you when you're ticking the options list.
davey-dimples replied at 14:12, Thu 15 Oct, 2015
So no more M1/1M ? BMW models are getting very confusing, what was wrong with 3,5,7 (and1)?? lol
hutchy_belfast replied at 14:20, Thu 15 Oct, 2015
If you have no need for 5 doors then that beats the pants off an Audi RS3 in every single way.
Boabybooster replied at 14:31, Thu 15 Oct, 2015
Backend lets down the looks as well.
chris_b replied at 14:54, Thu 15 Oct, 2015
Too expensive and a bit of a let down IMO really. That's a 50k car by the time you add some spec into it. Much rather a few months old M3, M4
Woodcutter replied at 14:56, Thu 15 Oct, 2015
I love it. But you can buy an almost new M4/M3 for the same money. Great little car though, will make a superb buy in a couple of years time. If you didn't need the seats though, a used Cayman S is a much better buy.
AlpineF30 replied at 15:23, Thu 15 Oct, 2015
Lack of 'M' mirrors on it as well, a trait of the M cars has always been they have had different wing mirrors to the standard line, this doesn't so it's a slight let down for me.
Conor replied at 19:22, Thu 15 Oct, 2015
Absolutely love it, looks like it'd be mental.