Geneva Motor Show 2016: Porsche 911 R

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Porsche took the wraps off the new 911 R at the Geneva Motor Show, unveiling the most hotly anticipated variant in a generation. On paper, the 911 R sounds like a mishmash of parts from the rest of the range. But crucially, these are the best bits. Porsche have taken the 4.0 naturally aspirated flat-six from the hardcore GT3 RS, added a trick, manual gearbox (no flappy paddles here) and somehow made it the lightest model in the line-up. This really is a 911 for the purist.

The race-inspired engine produces 493bhp at 8250rpm, whilst 339lb ft of torque is produced at a relatively high 6250rpm. From a standing start, the car clatters through the 100 km/h barrier in 3.8 seconds, running out of puff at 201mph. To put that power down, the 911 R gets a mechanical limited-slip differential, real-wheel steering sharpens the handling, and carbon-ceramic brakes are standard.

Porsche 911 R

Bonnet and wings are made of carbon and the roof is magnesium. Rear windscreen and rear side windows consist of lightweight plastic. Sound deadening material has been removed from the interior and the rear seat has been junked. The air con and audio system have also fell victim to the R’s intense diet.

Porsche 911 R

The driver gets a carbon full bucket seat with fabric centre panels in tartan design, a homage to the original 911 R from the 1960s. The lucky driver gets to grips with a unique R-specific, steering wheel. Whilsy in the the remainder of the cabin, the spartan theme continues, with carbon trim strips throughout the cabin. An embedded aluminium badge on the front passenger’s side identifies the serial number of the limited edition.

Porsche is planning to make a run of just 991 cars. It is priced at £136,901, but rumours abound that they have all been snapped up already.


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Cooper replied at 09:00, Wed 02 Mar, 2016
Such a move my Porsche. They really are fanatical and I love them for it. The GT3 4l is a wonder and the RS more so, they had no real need to build this but my goodness, it looks the ticket. One for @nigelmcg
Ben replied at 10:52, Wed 02 Mar, 2016
Those are my favourite OEM Porsche wheels, utterly beautiful. Also in my opinion the best looking watercooled 911 yet, GT3 RS was too garish for me with the "gills" in the arches. The R's rear end and interior are fantastic.
G N K replied at 10:57, Wed 02 Mar, 2016
Almost every Porsche model looks the same to me ^o) 991 GT3RS in purple for me though.
Mark King replied at 10:23, Thu 03 Mar, 2016
Stripes look sh1te on it.
Peadar replied at 11:42, Thu 03 Mar, 2016
| Stripes look sh1te on it.
I think you can spec it without the stripes. I will own a GT3 RS 4.0 some day.
Cess replied at 19:25, Thu 03 Mar, 2016
Yeah. Stripes are optional. New GT3 RS will be available in manual too.
Neil_M replied at 21:57, Wed 09 Mar, 2016
Absolutely love this car :). Absolutely perfect. Now white or silver is the question...
Paddy_R replied at 21:47, Thu 10 Mar, 2016
A 'used' one is being offered for sale in Germany already. Includes factory collection. Preisexplosion Porsche 911 R: Spekulantenaufschlag von 300 %
dave b replied at 08:16, Fri 11 Mar, 2016
| A 'used' one is being offered for sale in Germany already. Includes factory collection. Preisexplosion Porsche 911 R: Spekulantenaufschlag von 300 %
€750k!? That is nuts!