Kevin McGahern’s Fast & Furious – Ireland’s Car Culture under the spotlight

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Dublin-based comedian, Kevin McGahern puts Ireland’s car culture under the spotlight for the latest “Reality Bites’ documentary on RTE 2.  The show promises to take us to the heart of Ireland’s modified car scene by getting inside the hearts and minds of the people who’s world revolves around all things automotive.

In an attempt to understand why many young people choose to spend substantial money on their cars, the Republic of Telly front man attends car park meets to look at the motors on show and witnesses a diffing session. RTE state that documentary looks at the high risks generated by this “extreme form of driving” – not just for other road users, but for the young people involved as well. McGahern also talks to people who are working to positively influence young driver behaviour.

Before the programme has even aired, debate has started about the editorial balance of the show. Contributors to popular web forum say the programme makers turned down the opportunity to film car enthusiasts taking part in properly planned track days at Mondello Park race circuit. Instead, they suggest that RTE have deliberately focused on the minority who organise illegal drag races and cruises.

Influential motoring journalist and Speedhunters contributor, Paddy McGrath echoed this view. Earlier this week, he took to Twitter to express his belief that the documentary had “been purposely skewed” and as a result would be “giving it a skip”. McGrath also confirmed suspicions initially raised in other forms of social media by reasserting the producers turned down the opportunity to go to safe, organised events.

You can watch Kevin McGahern’s Fast & Furious on RTE 2, Thursday 5th November at 9.30pm.


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Chris, known as Cess on the forums, is a long time RMS member. He is a fervent motorsports enthusiast and lover of all things automotive. He can be found on the ditches of most Irish rallies, at Mondello watching drifting or in front of the TV watching motorbike racing.

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big_pete replied at 20:40, Wed 04 Nov, 2015
It will always be skewed in the condemnment of it. To be fair as I get older I can see why the likes of the Lough Shore etc was annoying for locals but we were just having good fun. Would be near a "diff" anymore. However I think the RMS BBQ's and Autolifers events, cars and coffee meets etc are a good example of more mature and responsible car enthusiasts
Cess replied at 10:11, Thu 05 Nov, 2015
I'm intrigued by this programme and will be interested to see how it turns out. Ireland has had a long history of back-road japery and it's how many started before moving into motorsport. However, if the programme paints every person that takes an interest in cars as some mad-cap, street racing, tarmac terrorist, as it has been inferred, then that's another issue.
davey-dimples replied at 10:46, Thu 05 Nov, 2015
Hopefully this will be worth a watch, is RTE2 on Sky?
cormac81 replied at 10:52, Thu 05 Nov, 2015
| Hopefully this will be worth a watch, is RTE2 on Sky?
Yeap ch 162
davey-dimples replied at 12:15, Thu 05 Nov, 2015
| Yeap ch 162
Cheers, Sky Plus'd (H)
Gaz replied at 12:31, Thu 05 Nov, 2015
Saw the ad for this and must give it a watch. Looks interesting. It does irritate me slightly though that whenever a show like this airs about car culture in the UK/Ireland, it's almost always promoted with footage or photos of a car surrounded by tyre smoke. It's become the norm that car enthusiasts on a whole are symbolised by this image of diffing/tyre smoke and it's associations with hooliganism by anyone who isn't into cars. Diffing is only one small part of the whole car culture in Ireland - there's the Cars & Coffee meets as well, the trackdays, the owners club get togethers, etc. But I guess footage of car enthusiasts having a relaxed get together or putting their cars through their paces legally on track will never look as sensational.
gary87 replied at 14:21, Thu 05 Nov, 2015
Seen this advertised last night on RTE and set it to record. More to the point, is that Starlet GT above rear wheel drive?!
mckeown replied at 14:46, Thu 05 Nov, 2015
it will shed yet more light on section of the community, that section is generally young,dumb and full of cum. I doubt ill last more than five minutes. (thats what she said)
Cess replied at 14:48, Thu 05 Nov, 2015
Think so @gary87 Great points @Gaz and I agree. RTE look to have went for the stereotype option and struck gold. I suspect they found it quite easy to get a group of impressionable young lads together who were all to eager to perform on camera and pretend that Ireland is the street racing capital of the world. That's way better TV than a load of beards drinking hot beverages and discussing the merits of track day tyre compounds. Kevin McGahern is quite the mickey taker in his normal role, so I suspect he won't go easy on people. Anyway, the proof will be tonight!
ilovequo replied at 15:04, Thu 05 Nov, 2015
| Seen this advertised last night on RTE and set it to record. More to the point, is that Starlet GT above rear wheel drive?!
Thought all those first Starlets were RWD?