Rossi and Marquez clash at Malaysia MotoGP

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Dani Pedrosa took a commanding second win of the season at the Malaysia GP, although the result was completely overshadowed by a spiky clash between Valentino Rossi and Marc Marquez. Prior to the race, Rossi had accused Marquez of obstructing him during the previous round at Philip Island. Marquez’s alleged crime – deliberately getting in the way in order to help fellow Spaniard, Rossi’s teammate and main rival for the championship, Jorge Lorenzo.

During the opening laps of the race at Sepang, Rossi and Marquez were locked in an intense battle for third position. Both riders traded places with a string of hostile passes as Pedrosa and Lorenzo broke clear. The contest was intense and physical. Clearly, neither rider was prepared to concede an inch.

Rossi’s frustrations were obvious. After a series of attempted passes by Marquez, Rossi gesticulated wildly, clearly riven with anger. Neither man backed down and the rivalry boiled over on lap seven. Marquez passed Rossi on the outside of turn 13, but ran wide. As the Honda swept towards the outside of the track,
Rossi slowed down, looked over towards Marquez and ran his Yamaha alongside the Honda. Contact was made.

Then, incredulously, Rossi seemed stab his leg towards the brake levers of Marquez’s machine. The Spaniard’s front wheel folded and rider and bike were on the tarmac. From the replays, it looked like the Italian kicked the Honda rider off his bike.

Rossi eventually finished third, with championship leader Lorenzo taking second. Following an investigation by race control, Rossi was deducted three points. The multiple world champion will also have to start the Valencia Grand Prix from the back of the grid. Expect this saga to rumble on, as the protests continue.

To see the remarkable Rossi and Marquez clash, watch the video below:




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Deckz replied at 10:05, Sun 25 Oct, 2015
Lol Road Rash :)
gizmo98 replied at 10:17, Sun 25 Oct, 2015
Proper order lol _2DiV26-jqs
Cess replied at 11:26, Sun 25 Oct, 2015
Can't help but think Vale is a lucky boy. He was sniping at Marquez throughout the week and let his previous race antics (whether deliberate or not) wind him up. The passes and attempted passes by Marquez were very aggressive and Rossi lost it, in my opinion. It looks for all the world like he kicked out deliberately and was aiming for the levers / handlebars. I wouldn't be launching an appeal if I were Yamaha. Lorenzo has also sided with his compatriot, which will create a massive split in the camp yet again.
RoniN replied at 11:42, Sun 25 Oct, 2015
As a Rossi Fan, very sad to see him doing this, he always battles hard but I think that's unacceptable. Looks like a he flicked his knee out at Marquez's front brake lever to jam on the brakes. (n) Cheers
simy replied at 11:43, Sun 25 Oct, 2015
He has done similar things before, was it Stoner a few years ago that he kicked off on the final lap?
VOB0 replied at 12:31, Sun 25 Oct, 2015
Marquez made the first contact in my opinion, he put his head on Rossi's knee and then Rossi flicked his knee. I'm not clued up on the rules though. nKiMMANG5fU
Gambit replied at 15:55, Mon 26 Oct, 2015
Watch Rossi's interview about it, quite amusing. "I slowed to look over and say what the f**k you doing" but he states that marquez was already on the way down and that he clipped his foot of the peg
banksy6118 replied at 19:34, Mon 26 Oct, 2015
This is all iv seen on social media lately. IMO vale has been unfairly penalised, should he have slowed in the corner and pushed MM wide? probably not but the ''kicking'' incident was all on MM. He was on his way down before the second contact was made. MM should have just took a back seat and let him race his race instead of meddling!