Skoda Tops JD Power Survey

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The results of the annual JD Power survey on vehicle dependability, used as an indicator to determine who makes the most dependable cars, were released last week. The reason why you probably didn’t notice is only people who cover their rear seats with a tartan rug care about reliability. The rest of the world continues to buy cars based on how they look, what colour is the nicest and whether it’s considerably posher than the neighbour’s.

Nevertheless, the outcomes were interesting and will bust some motoring myths. Skoda now make the most reliable cars on sale in the UK, closely followed by Kia and Suzuki.

Citroen and Peugeot also performed very well in the analysis, illustrating that the most common place for a French car to develop a fault is on an internet motoring forum, rather than the road.

Conversely, Audi and BMW cars, long heralded by motoring enthusiasts as bastions of superior build quality, reliability and engineering were found to develop more faults than the bargain bucket Dacia range, which are largely made from last season’s Renaults.

Thankfully, order was restored with Alfa Romeo propping up the realiabilty league table, along with Chevrolet.

2015 JD Power UK vehicle dependability study

Manufacturer Faults per 100 vehicles
1 Skoda 77
2 Kia 83
3 Suzuki 86
4 Nissan 87
5 Mercedes 88
5 Toyota 88
7 Volvo 93
8 Volkswagen 95
9 Vauxhall 98
10 Peugeot 99
10 Seat 99
12 Mazda 105
12 Mini 105
14 Ford 111
15 Citroën 114

Industry average 114

16 Renault 115
17 Honda 116
18 Fiat 117
18 Hyundai 117
20 Land Rover 152
21 Dacia 159
22 Audi 169
23 Jaguar 173
24 BMW 196
25 Alfa Romeo 235
26 Chevrolet 288

*The 2015 JD Power UK Vehicle Dependability Study is based on 13,451 respondents who purchased their vehicle between April 2012 and March 2014. The study was fielded between March and May 2015.

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