The Grand Tour: What We Know So Far

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The ex-BBC Top Gear presenters, backed by Amazon released the name of their new show today as The Grand Tour.  Not what we expected as a title from Clarkson, Hammond and May.

The show, coming in Autumn and with a budget of £4.5 million per show promises to be epic in scale.  There will be 12 GT shows each year (11 plus a Christmas special), allegedly filmed from a tent in each location (well according to the tweet below).

The Grand Tour camp have been fairly quiet until now, bar Clarkson joining Facebook to compliment his witty twitter feed.  He also was recently seen promoting the Amazon Fire stick on TV.

Just a week ago the PR machine was ramping up with this video in typical 3 stooges fashion no doubt to generate more public interest.

Just over a year has passed since the fracas and the demise of Top Gear as we knew it, however both this show and Chris Evan’s new take on Top Gear seem to be shaping up well, and that can only be a good thing for us motoring enthusiasts.


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Gaz replied at 14:25, Wed 11 May, 2016
That's a bit .............................. um ............................ bland. I was expecting something like 'Burnt Rubber', 'Sixth Gear', 'Seventh Gear', 'Pedal to the Metal', 'Pole Position Pensioners', etc. Grand Tour sounds like a BBC documentary.
Steve replied at 14:26, Wed 11 May, 2016
Yeah.. I dont like it.
Crow555 replied at 14:27, Wed 11 May, 2016
God, it sounds like a period film starring Judi Dench.
acsmyth replied at 14:28, Wed 11 May, 2016
What a shit name. Maybe it'll make more sense when we see the product. EDIT: It appears that they will be in a different location each episode, filming from a tent. So it makes a bit more sense now.
Cartunes replied at 14:30, Wed 11 May, 2016
I don't mind if it's called "if you watch this, we will kill your dog, wife and dreams" - It's about the content for me :)
Cooper replied at 15:13, Wed 11 May, 2016
Posted a bit of an update on this - The Grand Tour: What We Know So Far - RMS Motoring
chris_b replied at 16:50, Wed 11 May, 2016
Whist I agree with Graham ... 113757
Cooper replied at 20:53, Wed 11 May, 2016
I think it will be heavily abbreviated to GT which sounds much better
chris_b replied at 21:04, Wed 11 May, 2016
| I think it will be heavily abbreviated to GT which sounds much better
It will, the producers on twitter have been tweeting using GT as the hash tag
Pumesta replied at 21:36, Wed 11 May, 2016
IIRC Clarkson tweeted a while ago that every time they came up with a name it was already copyrighted and every time it cost £1000's in solicitors fees