Record UK car sales in 2015

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UK car sales hit an all time high during 2015 according to figures released by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders today. Over 2.6m new cars were sold last year as buyers took advantage of cheap finance deals and attractive prices underpinned by the weak Euro.

Registrations of petrol cars were up by 8.4% whilst sales of diesel cars grew by 3% during 2015. Interestingly, both fuel types now have an equal 48% share of the market. Demand for alternatively fuelled vehicles continues to boom, as registrations increased by 40% on the previous year. Plug-in hybrids experienced phenomenal growth, with volumes more than doubling, while pure electric vehicles saw an uplift of around 50%.

Volkswagen recovered from a November sales slump in the wake of the dieselgate emissions scandal and ended the year with an increased market share. Premium brand stable mate Audi also saw a bounce in sales. However, by contrast, sales of Skoda and SEAT continued to bear the brunt of the fall-out. Skoda’s sales contracted by 1%, whist registrations of SEAT models fell by a whopping 46% during December alone. The Spanish brand saw almost 11% wiped from their market share during 2015.

The Ford Fiesta finished the year as the UK’s most popular car, racking up 41,000 more sales than the second placed Vauxhall Corsa. The Ford Focus occupies third place, whilst the mysterious Vauxhall Mokka success story continues as it rounds out the top ten best sellers.

Top Selling UK cars in 2015

  1. Ford Fiesta
  1. Vauxhall Corsa
  1. Ford Focus
  1. Volkswagen Golf
  1. Nissan Qashqai
  1. Volkswagen Polo
  1. Vauxhall Astra
  1. Audi A3
  1. MINI
  1. Vauxhall Mokka



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EP82JM replied at 16:59, Thu 07 Jan, 2016
God help those people buying fiestas and focus'. Ford have the worst customer service i have ever came across.
Sharkman replied at 19:10, Thu 07 Jan, 2016
I thought the golf r would have topped the list
DC. replied at 22:07, Thu 07 Jan, 2016
Wonder how many are DLA cars?
Cess replied at 08:21, Fri 08 Jan, 2016
What the heck have SEAT got so badly wrong during 2015 to see UK sales nosedive so much?
Coog replied at 10:17, Fri 08 Jan, 2016
Their new range is getting decent reviews but the styling really let's them down IMO. If you take a Leon and compare it to a Focus or Civic its just so bland and boring looking. Years ago they were really ahead of the curve with the styling but they've definitely taken a step back. I guess the only reason why you'd buy one is if you wanted a Golf but didn't want to pay the premium for it.
O.C.D replied at 17:38, Sun 10 Jan, 2016
Gavlar replied at 18:09, Sun 10 Jan, 2016
Can.only assume all these people buying Corsa's have never actually drove one before paying for it!