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It has been almost a year since our last outing to Flagstaff adventures and with new owners at the helm we were not entirely sure what to expect on our second trip. Thankfully it was ‘game on’ as before with pay & play on offer and full, unrestricted access to the entire 120 acre site. The format again was the same; open the gate and away you go.

There was a huge mix of machinery in attendance with Land Rover Discoverys, Defenders and Range Rovers all out to play. We also had two Jimnys, a Vitara, a Wrangler, a Shogun and even a Tourareg on road tyres!

No 4×4 trip would be worth it’s salt without a bit of drama. We had some sort of exhaust failure on the Jimny, which miraculously healed itself after another bout of abuse (do your Land Rovers do that, eh?), a new and very fresh RRS went for some weight loss by dropping one or two bits of trim, a certain Shogun driver may have got himself quite stuck between a rock and a hard place (literally) and a Vitara letting team Suzuki down with clutch release bearing failure at the worst possible location (far side of the site!).

As usual there were plenty of RMS’ers around in all cases to take photos, offer advice in hindsight, hurl friendly banter/abuse and eventually assist in the recovery effort. Or in one case, while trying to help out, requiring the recovery effort themselves (you know who you are!)

I would like to say a huge thank you to the organiser and to the staff at Flagstaff, who were very accommodating and in the event of mechanical failure of the Vitara very kindly offered the use of their own machine.

With talk of a second outing in summer 2016 coupled with a bit of a BBQ I’m sure I speak for all mud pluggers on the forum when I say “bring it on!”


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Tinkers with old MX5s, takes his Jimny mountain climbing and is a proud owner of an Austin Metro.

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gav525 replied at 16:18, Sun 28 Feb, 2016
Oh aye, you had to get the picture up of me slightly stuck lol. Brilliant day had, really enjoyed myself and only minimal damage done. Couldn't have asked for better weather either! Cheers @seaside-racer again for organising this, I'd definitely go back again!
Big Pimp replied at 16:26, Sun 28 Feb, 2016
Cheers is right. Was a brilliant days craic and I'm well pleased with how my big lady performed!
G N K replied at 16:36, Sun 28 Feb, 2016
Feel like I'm missing out on a lot of fun, these off road days look like great craic. @Big Pimp respect, taking that beauty of yours into the wild must be quite daunting.
Graham replied at 16:37, Sun 28 Feb, 2016
| Cheers is right. Was a brilliant days craic and I'm well pleased with how my big lady performed!
you have the RRS there ?
StevenMc29 replied at 16:58, Sun 28 Feb, 2016
| you have the RRS there ?
Here it is towing a Defender out of trouble.... ^:o) 106990
J-VW replied at 16:59, Sun 28 Feb, 2016
That was fab lads looking forward to the next one (Y) 106991
Big Pimp replied at 17:02, Sun 28 Feb, 2016
@G N K - thanks man. Was definitely apprehensive about a few bits but there was a good bunch of lads there to make sure we were all safe @Graham - yeah - took the RRS for an outing!
Graham replied at 17:03, Sun 28 Feb, 2016
| Here it is towing a Defender out of trouble.... ^:o) 106990
PMSL, fair play !!! I have driven £120k Ranger Rover on a purpose built, challenging offroad course which means minimal risk of damage and the whole time i was absolutely terrified But taking something like that into the wilderness definitely isn't for the feint hearted lol
StevenMc29 replied at 17:04, Sun 28 Feb, 2016
Hat off to you for having the balls to do it! Lovely motor!
Nicky replied at 17:05, Sun 28 Feb, 2016
First off, massive thanks to @seaside-racer for organising the day, and also for the first class recovery service towing the despicable little bastid back to base. Much appreciated. Secondly, a tip of the hat to the owners of the venue for allowing me to use 1 of their vehicles to keep me pacified for the remainder of the day, or at least until my brother arrived with the trailer to take me home. Was highly impressed with their Shogun which seemed stock, other than the tyres it had on. The drivers door not opening was only a slight hiccup... Lol As usual, had great craic with those that attended, and it was good to meet a few new members too. Great to see such a variety of vehicles being used as intended (Y) Didn't get very many decent photos, but I liked these few: 106992 106993 106994 106995