RMS hits Flagstaff for Off Road Adventures

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Nestled in the Ring of Gullion, County Armagh, Flagstaff Adventures covers 120 picturesque acres and is home to almost three miles of demanding 4×4 tracks. With promises of water filled trenches, steep hills and rugged landscapes, a collective of committed RMS forum members excitedly signed on and readied ourselves for what was to be a great days offroading.

was straight forward and the brief even more so…

“no holds barred lads, go wherever you want and tear away.  If there’s a fence, move it out of your way and if you’re really good you’ll get to the peak of that there mountain.”


It wasn’t long before we were finding the roughest and toughest parts of the site, egging each other on over each obstacle. With fabulous views over the rolling countryside, challenging topography, crazy climbs, glar filled mud runs, grassy slopes and basins of deep water, we all tested the limits of our vehicles on every type of terrain we could ask for.

Some (OK – all) of us needed some form of recovery throughout the day (even the recovery Discovery needed a Jimny-based winch anchor). But as any seasoned 4×4’er will tell you “if you don’t get stuck, you’re not trying hard enough”

I guess we all tried really, really hard.

A particular highlight for me was the unofficial rally track, where we had some great fun throwing out huge mud rooster tails in the Jimny while trying to maintain some sideways/forward momentum. Our forum members were not to be out done! We also had the opportunity to see weeloaney perform a fairly exciting high speed drift in his P38 Rangie, Seaside_racer fill the rack of the Discovery and Andy044 throw his Series III Landrover around in a rather comical dirt-drift fashion.

Coming away from Flagstaff Adventures on the journey home two things came to mind:

Firstly, when are we going back? And secondly, we never did get to the top of that mountain!

Maybe next time…


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Tinkers with old MX5s, takes his Jimny mountain climbing and is a proud owner of an Austin Metro.

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Coog replied at 11:41, Sun 12 Apr, 2015
Lunch break! 81896
Coog replied at 16:40, Sun 12 Apr, 2015
Some pics from today. Great day out and a brilliant spot, really challenging areas as well as a couple of tame spots. The rally circuit a particular favourite of mine lol 81935 81936 81937 81938 81939 81940 81941 81962 81963 81964
Coog replied at 16:42, Sun 12 Apr, 2015
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Coog replied at 16:47, Sun 12 Apr, 2015
And yes that is in fact @seaside-racer full of the rack on the rally track lol!!!!
collyirwin11 replied at 16:54, Sun 12 Apr, 2015
Looks like great fun. My brother was talking about doing an off-road day, but he has a chelsea tractor, would it be much use? @Coog was that you behind me passing the city airport about 4ish, heading bangor bound?
Coog replied at 17:06, Sun 12 Apr, 2015
Yeah it was mate.
weeloaney replied at 17:58, Sun 12 Apr, 2015
Just home, awesome days craic. Pretty challenging in places, loads of fun tho. Will get pictures up soon
weeloaney replied at 18:22, Sun 12 Apr, 2015
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Nicky replied at 18:25, Sun 12 Apr, 2015
Looks like you lot had a great day. @Coog is the Drumaness off roading spot just up the road from me? Plenty of proper 4x4's on our road earlier.
weeloaney replied at 18:44, Sun 12 Apr, 2015
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