Car Show
 by Andy Cooper 0

Returning to the Odyssey Arena for a second time in two years, 4Play promised to be Ireland’s biggest and most exclusive show.  Several heats had

 by Graham Baalham-Curry 0

<p>Scotty, Alan and myself went to Davagh forest outside cookstwon to see many a mk2 escort at this wee clubman rally, which turned out to have a real big entry list. The stages are on tarmac ro

Car Show
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The Autocar Sideways Challenge is run at Silverstone every September. This was the 5th year of the event with 40 readers and 40 professional racing and rally drivers for the days events.

Car Show
 by Paul McKernon 0

Its been a turbulent year in the Irish Sound-off scene. IASCA was dropped in favour of EMMA but now IASCA is back. Audio Advice held the first show since IASCA returned and it was certainly a good bre

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