Bishopscourt Stages Rally 2004

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DEREK MCGARRITY and James McKee have won the PHP Bishopscourt Stages Rally 2004! Driving Maurice Gass’ Hyundai Accent WRC, McGarrity and McKee stamped their authority on the event during the early stages and came through to win by 50 seconds. Kieran Shaw finished second in his Impreza WRC ahead of George Robinson in third and Glenn Allen in fourth. James Gillen and Craig Bennett completed the top six. Group N honours go to John McGlaughlin and David McElroy.


Kevin Lynch retired his S9 spec Subaru on the first stage with clutch problems. Gary White retired on stage two with engine difficulties and Denis Biggerstaff retired on stage four with mechanical problems.

Top 10 at the end of the day –

1 Derek McGarrity / James McKee Hyundai Accent WRC 32mins 16secs
2 Kieran Shaw / Crawford Henderson Subaru Impreza WRC 33mins 06secs
3 George Robinson / Tommy Speers Ford Escort WRC 33mins 30secs
4 Glenn Allen / Damien Connolly Toyota Celica 33mins 30secs
5 James Gillen / Ken Sproule Subaru Impreza 33mins 36secs
6 Craig Bennett / Rodger Bennett Ford Focus WRC 33mins 51secs
7 Brian McCloskey / Damien Duffin Subaru Impreza WRC 34mins 11secs
8 John McGlaughlin / David McElroy Mitsubishi Lancer Evo V 34mins 25secs
9 James Kennedy / James McCullough Ford Escort 34mins 39secs
10 Seamus Donnelly / Billy McCullins Subaru Impreza 34mins 43secs


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