Carsport Rally 2004 at the Kings Hall

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Carsport Rally 2004 – The famous magazine sponsored this small rally sprint that ran in conjunction with the Belfast Sportscar Show. It was a 2-day event with mainly 2 wheel drive stuff out on day one and on day 2 still a good bit of 2 wheel drives out and the winner was in a flying 106 which was good to see. It was Gass’ first event in the new Hyundai WRC and it came to a sudden stop on the last stage but he still managed 3rd overall. Not too bad an event but very wet.

Top 10 Results

1 Mark Doyle – Peugeot 106 S16 – 102.7secs
2 Richard Hogg – Lancer Evo VI – 102.9secs
3 Maurice Gass – Hyundai WRC – 103.2secs
4 John McGlaughlin – Lancer Evo V – 104.4secs
5 Joe Scullion – Ford Escort Cosworth – 104.9secs
6 Nigel Hicklin – Subaru Impreza WRC – 105.4secs
7 Sean Cassidy – Ford Escort WRC – 105.6secs
8 Keith White – Ford Escort 2.5 RWD – 106.2secs
9 Garry Jennings – Peugeot Maxi – 106.9secs
10 Andrew Gamble – Vauxhall Astra – 107.9secs


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