King Fisher – The Bertie Fisher Story

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The life and career of Irish rally legend Bertie Fisher is to be celebrated in a new book, which will be launched in March. ‘King Fisher’ was written by rally enthusiast and photographer, Fergus McAnallen with support from the Fisher family and aims to chronicle the fascinating story of the four time Irish Tarmac Champion.

Fergus said “Bertie was a hero to me and it was an honour and a privilege to be able to put this book together. It took many years of research but the end result is packed with hundreds of handpicked images from dozens of archives, and contains an in depth synopsis of his career, results and life outside the sport.”

The renowned Ballinamallard driver was famed for recording a hat-trick of Circuit of Ireland victories, collecting four wins on the Ulster Rally, as well as winning the Killarney Rally of the Lakes a record breaking six times.

King Fisher - the Bertie Fisher storyThe book will also take a look at Fisher’s legacy in the world of business, particularly the impact of his family company, Fisher Engineering Limited, as well as his charity work . Throughout his career, Bertie lent his support to motorsport clubs across Ireland and raised a significant sum for a number of local charities, often donating his prize money from winning events to worthy causes.

After years in the making, the book will finally be released at a celebratory dinner in the Fisher Suite of the Armagh City Hotel on Friday, March 4th. This event will mark the 15th anniversary of the tragic accident which claimed the lives of Bertie and his children, Mark and Emma. Rally fans can pre-order the book at or reserve tickets for the celebration event.

All proceeds from the book will be donated to the Fisher Foundation, which provides financial support to young people volunteering overseas and continually works to improve motorsport safety standards.

Pictures by / Fergus McAnallen


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Coog replied at 10:48, Thu 21 Jan, 2016
Did some work experience with Bertie. He was an absolute gent.
ilovequo replied at 11:07, Thu 21 Jan, 2016
Gentleman - used to fly over our house every morning in the chopper! Never forget that Tough Mac Impreza...
richie_mck replied at 12:11, Thu 21 Jan, 2016
My earliest rallying memories was standing with dad at the start line of a stage in the circuit of Ireland with Bertie fishers tough mac legacy sitting ticking over
FM155 replied at 12:48, Thu 21 Jan, 2016
He was a great driver. When I was first spectating in the 80's he was in the Ascona's and Manta's and then later the Sierra's before the Subaru's. Might get the book. :cool:
bob replied at 12:53, Thu 21 Jan, 2016
Good excuse for some Fisher clips ZqlpxDYArrY 07-XgXawlAU
Cess replied at 12:56, Thu 21 Jan, 2016
Excellent @bob
davecoupe replied at 13:26, Thu 21 Jan, 2016
Been thinking about this today due to this thread. Jesus, we were spoiled in the 1990's - Fisher, McHale, McKinstry, Meagher, Finley, Cullen, Nesbitt and Greer ..... in everything from Extravision M3's and luminous pink Sierra Cosworths to R555 FEL, WRC Celicas and Yorkie Escort Cosworths. Such an era, with serious drivers and serious cars. My strongest memory of Fisher was definitely the silver R555 FEL. Essentially it was a WRC in a Group A shell because Bertie didn't want to sit on the left of the car. Absolute weapon.
bigsigh replied at 13:42, Thu 21 Jan, 2016
Apologies for going slightly off topic, but this might be of interest to fisher fans, hope its not a repost, but its the first time i have come across it. The rebuild of R555 FEL Rebuild GrA R555 FEL (Chambon - ex Bertie Fisher)
Cess replied at 13:51, Thu 21 Jan, 2016
Bernard Munster is a great driver in his own right. Looking megabucks for the car though, which is why it's not back in Ireland.
simy replied at 14:25, Thu 21 Jan, 2016
GXI 9427 my favourite rally car. It's still knocking about in some form or another isn't it? Also, did someone try and pass off a replica of it for sale a while ago?