Hyundai Ioniq: Twin Engined Hybrid

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In modern society car makers are taking to reducing their carbon footprint very seriously, so much so that the less CO2 a car emits, the cheaper the annual road tax for that car and as such a great saving to the owner.  Enter the Hyundai Ioniq.

Many new cars are so good at tree hugging in fact that they have zero road tax and this all new eco-friendly hatchback from Hyundai fits into this category of free road tax just perfectly, whilst in the process doing its part in preventing premature melting of the ice caps.

But as the title suggests, there isn’t just one motor, but two. This I will touch on a little later but for now let me introduce to you, the all new Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid, tested from Daly’s Garage in Belfast quite recently.

Side of Hyundai Ioniq

Outside, the Hyundai Ioniq has that typical eco-friendly shape of, well an eco-friendly car and is one of the most aero efficient cars on the market today, coming in five door only. Finished in white this model tested has blue accents on the front and rear bumpers, blue detail seems to be a global sign for e-Technology.

LED daytime running lights up front either side of the rather large dark grill draw my eye into the small, narrow wheels which are required to keep efficiency at its best while around the rear the boot lid swoops down to a spoiler with a small window just beneath for visibility.

Rear parking sensors assist the rear view camera perfectly on this model and on opening the boot the load space is better than expected, maybe not the deepest of storage areas but none the less more than capable of holding a few weekend bags or a week’s shopping for a large family.

Inside the Hyundai Ioniq was another surprise for me as it was quite roomy and I had forgotten how much spec Hyundai cars come with as standard with the Hyundai Ioniq getting the blue detail treatment inside too, around the air vents, on the steering wheel and also the start button and around the infotainment system.

The seats were very supportive and comfortable with a good driving position while the rear leg room is reasonable making the Hyundai Ioniq the perfect car for a young family in my eyes. Dual climate control, heated seats & steering wheel, electric mirrors and four electric windows are all part of this model tested.

Coming in automatic only, I was confused as to why there was a third pedal at my feet, however on looking for a lever or button to release the handbrake before setting off, I soon realised the very small far left pedal was actually a foot operated handbrake which is something that would take a bit of getting used to if being polite.

Front Seats of Hyundai Ioniq

A decent sized colour touch screen is in the centre of the dash between the two central air vents which has sat nav, displays the reverse camera, shows hybrid car settings, DAB radio as well as allowing phone connectivity via USB or Bluetooth.

One thing I did notice was an “Induction Phone Pad” in front of the gear selector which allows wireless charging of compatible phones once placed on top of the induction pad, very smart indeed and actually the first time I have seen this in any car.

Engine wise the Ioniq is fitted with a 1.6L petrol unit combined with the electric motor up front and battery system which is placed under the rear seat. Producing a healthy 140bhp which is put to the wheels via a six speed twin clutch automatic gearbox, the Ioniq is far from slow.

OK it won’t be setting any drag strip records, though around town, on the meandering roads in the hills above Belfast and the M1 back to Daly’s Garage the Ioniq’s performance was more than ample and will suit most owner’s needs perfectly.

For the most part, the Ioniq will be using a combination of both engines in harmony to aid performance and at the same time, improving economy. Hyundai’s new hybrid is capable of using electric only, but only for short distances.

Hyundai Ioniq Engine Bay

Due to the dealers in the coming months are two other models, a plug-in hybrid and a fully electric Ioniq, both of which are much more eco-friendly whilst the electric version has a claimed mileage of just over 170miles on a single charge.

Driving wise, I found the Ioniq handled well and with cruise control, lane assists, adaptive cruise control and blind spot monitoring there is plenty of tech to assist and keep you safe on the road whilst you look after the environment.

As always with Hyundai, a company that prides themselves in providing reliability and good spec at affordable pricing, the Ioniq comes with a five year unlimited mileage warranty and servicing costs are never going to scare owners either.

So if your budget doesn’t stretch to the likes of the Toyota Prius, which despite being a little more frugal, won’t provide the sheer spec of the Hyundai Ioniq and you want to stand out from the crowd more than the likes of a VW Golf-e then this could be the car for you!


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Paddy_R replied at 10:37, Thu 30 Mar, 2017
Hyundai have come up with some nice looking cars recently, unfortunately this isn't one of them.
Normski replied at 12:54, Thu 30 Mar, 2017
Is this the face of the new best DLA 'seller' in Daly's? Used to be the IX35. And that illegal font is a disgrace!
Dave.S replied at 14:05, Thu 30 Mar, 2017
Terrible looking on the outside but looks well finished inside.