Kia EV6 on Northern Irish Roads

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We’ve spent several days in Kia’s all electric EV6, and its clear pretty quickly that the South Korean manufacturer (and sister company of Hyundai) has pulled an absolute blinder.

Not only is the EV6 a superb family hatchback, using all the advantages of an electric platform being to its utmost, but it also comes at a time where traditional brands are struggling to bring great EVs to market.   And then you’ve Tesla that has redefined what badge loyalty can be.  Timing is everything, and I have no doubt owners of the big three, BMW, Merc and Audi will be parted with their hard earned for a Kia. 

Our car on test is the rear driven EV6 GT Line S, from £50,995 is definitely premium pricing, but for that you get a 77kWh battery with nearly 300 miles real world range, part leather interior, heated and cooled seats and a Heads Up Display among a long list of options.  Things like a heated steering wheel and Apple Carplay are standard through the range and even better, its all well put together in a stylish and quality feeling package.  You certainly don’t feel short changed.

And the design.  Not just as neo-80s as the Ioniq 5, it looks sharp and sophisticated with its flip out handles and coupe style roofline, although its still more hatchback looking than SUV.

It’s relatively long, with a wheelbase a shade under 4.7m, but the smart use of interior space means it can ship five adults comfortably for a distance, the flat floor in the rear and decent head room making it pleasant no matter where you are seated.  

The business of driving is made pleasant by the clear, tasteful dash with just the right blend of button count (looking at you Tesla).  Even the quirky two spoke steering wheel is great to use and keeps the cabin airy.

On the move, the modest by EV standards 225bhp is enough to make rapid progress, the sixty dash coming in around seven seconds which is good enough for sensible overtakes and making good progress.  As is the economical use of electrons, and I was regularly seeing in and around the magic 4 miles/kWh.  The chassis is softly sprung but well judged being one of the most comfortable EVs I’ve been in on country roads yet still being well settled on the motorway.

Practicality is the EV6’s forte, with nearly 500L of space in the boot and a small frunk for cables up front, along with cubbys throughout the car.  I especially liked the USB-C ports secreted into the front seats, very handy for rear passengers.  Up front there is USB-A and USB-C, and in the case of the GT-Line cars wireless charging for one phone in the arm rest.

It’s immensely practical, looks great with no divisive styling, an excellent real world near 300 mile range, is best in its class in terms of driving dynamics (for an EV), feels incredibly well thought out and built.  Did I mention a 7-year/100,000 mile warranty?

If you are in the market for a family EV, this is probably the one to have.

Thanks to Charles Hurst Kia Newtownabbey for providing the car for review.

Kia EV6 as Tested
GT Line S
RRP: £50,995


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Jecks replied at 16:51, Wed 14 Sep, 2022
Expected to love this and then saw it in the flesh and thought meh. I'm sure it drives well , having done 15k in an ev over the past year I do love an ev. Definitely need more choice out there though think It will be 4-5 years before there is a decent wide range of fully electric cars out there at decent prices.
hutchy_belfast replied at 17:36, Wed 14 Sep, 2022
Interior really nice and it seemed a decent enough ride when I drove one but it's just too slow to pay 50k for a Kia IMHO. It feels like a normal petrol hatch performance wise which ain't a compliment. Another 8 grand gets you another 350odd horsepower but less range in a better looking package. That's where I'd be at.
Cooper replied at 18:07, Wed 14 Sep, 2022
In fairness the one to buy is the base 'Air' at £44k (was 40k prior to June price increases), which at £4k cheaper than a Model 3 and a more practical platform is the way to go.
Burt2000 replied at 18:23, Wed 14 Sep, 2022
We really wanted to get one of these too and we were excited to go and get a look/drive in one for when the etron goes back but in the metal it just didn’t do it for us, also the staff in Kia couldn’t be arsed to come over and ask if we were interested. Needless to say we have a Q4 sportback S line on order for about the same money and Audi couldn’t have been more accommodating.
hutchy_belfast replied at 19:55, Wed 14 Sep, 2022
The chap in Charles Hurst Kia could not have been more dead on...i just didn't love it enough for the dough with what was available and didn't have the swingers to order the 60k GT given that nobody in the UK has a retail one as far as I know. I ended up going etron GT but am now getting buyers remorse and may downgrade to a model Y LR for the wife instead.

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