New Audi Q7 Is Smooth, Practical and Luxurious

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The Audi Q7 has been on the road for just over a decade now and in that time hasn’t really received any dramatic changes and as such was starting to look a little dated compared to others in the segment, however things changed recently with the all new Q7 being offered at dealerships.

Audi SUV’s are not something that have ever really been on my radar as something to own due to the fact they are more suited to asphalt than being a true utility vehicle, hence their popularity as a large, safe and very practical family car.

Outside the new Q7 hasn’t changed greatly, just enough I feel to say it is a new model and in turn Audi have been able to introduce their latest technology throughout the Q7 with the LED front (£950 option) and rear lights as well as massive front grill being the big visual changes for me.

This S-Line test model is finished in the £675 option “Daytona Grey” which I must admit was a beautiful in the flesh and a big change over the black which seemed to be the most popular colour on the old models.

Front of Audi Q7

Protruding below the infamous four rings badge on the front grill of this model is a frontal camera which is part of the £1150 optional parking pack and combined with the rear camera I must say really helped greatly when in the city or in a car park as the Q7 is far from small!

Quattro and S-Line badging grace the side whilst electric folding mirrors (£100 option) along with head and sound insulated privacy glass (£525 option) finish off not only aesthetics but also quality. A large rear roof spoiler adds a sports edge combined with the dual exit exhaust.

Load space is more than ample when the Q7 is in its five seat configuration and when the third row of seats is in use, the boot becomes very snug indeed. During my week with the Q7, myself and some friends set off to a concert and the two smallest ladies clambered into the third row and with five other adults in the German SUV, it was quite cramped.

As such, in the real world the Q7’s third row is only suited for young children which is quite normal for most of the vehicles in the class as very few offer vast room for six or seven adults. It may have been a tight squeeze for everyone though it didn’t get claustrophobic due to the £1700 optional panoramic roof.

Rear passenger safety is aided with £350 optional rear side airbags and the second row of seating is equipped with heated seats for the outer most seats. As a five seat vehicle there is a mountain of room and comfort that will suit the needs of every possible owner.

Rear of Audi Q7

Upholstery on this test car is a mix of black leather and alcantara with the front seats being heated also and the driver’s seat has the optional memory function and electric adjustment £350 option). Comfort is something that was in abundance in the seats and the overall position gave one of safety and control.

Infotainment was aplenty, Bluetooth, DAB radio, USB input, Aux input etc for playback of all your favourite hits along with the BOSE speaker upgrade at a cost of £1100 providing fantastic quality and proven sound time after time.

This model is also equipped with the £1950 Technology Pack which incorporates 12.3” pop up screen in the dash, fully digital and customisable instrument cluster which I must say is awesome, head up display and high beam light assist.

Audi Q7 1

Engine wise this test model from Audi UK is equipped with the 3.0 TDi producing just shy of 270bhp with just over 440lb/ft of torque and combined to the 8 speed tiptonic gearbox I feel it is the perfect combination for such a vehicle.

Power is smooth and torque in abundance as expected from the large capacity engine whilst remaining pretty refined as well. 0-62mph is covered in just 6.3 seconds while annual road tax is a mere £185/annum. Real world economy on my week of having the car was late 30’s.

On the road the Audi Q7 is very large indeed and on cornering this is evident with some roll on fast bends, that said, I was fortunate enough to be able to drive this model from Rathfrailand to Bangor or a miserable old day, on a tight time schedule and when in sport mode and using the paddle shift it covered some serious amounts of ground in confidence, without drama and even the brakes impressed me over the meandering roads home.

Audi Q7 2

In that regard as a road vehicle I will admit it was pretty impressive, however off-road I fear the Q7 is let down somewhat by its low ground clearance and on taking it into a freshly cut barley field within Ireland Offroad Experience, the short stubble tickled the under-tray meaning anything more than taking a horsebox into a field is out of bounds.

From what I can see there is no option for air suspension, enabling more off-road agility though Audi’s renowned Quattro four wheel drive system will certainly make crossing fields a breeze and towing a joy, indeed the Q7 matches the likes of Volvo’s XC90 with 2800kg towing capability.

With pricing starting around £48k for a base model, the Q7 certainly isn’t cheap and this S-Line model with all its options comes in at just shy of £64k. Other models to consider in this segment are the BMW X5 and Volvo XC90.


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chris_b replied at 09:26, Tue 13 Dec, 2016
You forgot brutal looking :p
Big Pimp replied at 09:29, Tue 13 Dec, 2016
another great write up @Graham - was one of the contenders I looked at.
Graham replied at 09:32, Tue 13 Dec, 2016
| another great write up @Graham - was one of the contenders I looked at.
XC90 is a very hard one to beat in this class
Big Pimp replied at 09:34, Tue 13 Dec, 2016
| XC90 is a very hard one to beat in this class
I would agree 100% with that. If my choices were an XC90 or a Q7, even despite the fact that the Audi's 3lt engine was silky smooth, and the Volvo is only has a 2.0 diesel, I would still choose the XC90 every single time, especially in R Design guise.
Lyons replied at 09:48, Tue 13 Dec, 2016
Any interior shots?
Graham replied at 09:53, Tue 13 Dec, 2016
| Any interior shots?
Sadly ran out of time the week I had it to get any. From memory (it was a while ago) it isn't much different to every other Audi
Graham replied at 09:54, Tue 13 Dec, 2016
This is identical though 132013
Lyons replied at 09:55, Tue 13 Dec, 2016
:( Much nicer than the exterior anyway.
Paddy_R replied at 11:31, Tue 13 Dec, 2016
Is there anything on it that's not an option?
Gaz replied at 11:34, Tue 13 Dec, 2016
They're a nice bit of kit, my mum used to have the old model 3.0 TDi and it went well for the size and weight of it. Would have liked the new one to look a bit more different aesthetically but I guess that's the Audi way. The interior looks great though.